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These Smart Wallet Features Will Massively Increase Your APY


Interest-bearing wallets offer one of the most popular forms of investing during periods of crypto market instability. They enable you to store your funds securely, effortlessly earning a return while you wait for the market to bounce back, and they provide the same interest rate even if prices tank. 

When choosing a wallet provider, take a close look at the features to see how much they will increase your revenue potential and provide a more flexible, personalized solution designed to meet your specific financial requirements, at any given time.

One particular wallet, provided by ArbiSmart, offers a number of unique revenue-generating features unlike any others available today.  Genuinely, groundbreaking, the EU authorized and registered project, which supports nearly 30 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies has incentivized investment in the platform in innovative ways.

A Little Background

Established in 2019, ArbiSmart is a wallet and financial ecosystem that offers the option to hold funds interest-free or place them in locked savings plans for various timeframes ranging from 1 or 3 months to longer periods of 18 months 2, 3 or 5 years. Revenues with an ArbiSmart wallet can reach well over 100% a year, with the exact amount depending on your account level, which is determined by how much RBIS, the native token, you hold. 


Balances can be in any supported FIAT or cryptocurrency from Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Euro and Pound Sterling. However, balances in RBIS can earn a far higher rate of interest than balances in any other currency and locked funds can be converted into RBIS at any time. 

Competitive Terms for Buying and Exchanging Currency

Whenever you buy and exchange currency you will need to pay a fee and the more attractive the transaction rates the better. However, there are also other purchase features that can boost your bottom line.

One unique feature offered on the ArbiSmart platform is the currency purchase discount program that offers discounts of up to 50% each time you buy FIAT or crypto through the dashboard.

Available discounts on currency purchases start at 10% and reach up to 50%. A table on the “Buy Crypto” page of the dashboard lays out the specific conditions for receiving each of the discount options. These include the length of the vesting period, before the funds can be withdrawn, the currency being bought, the amount being bought, and whether a certain amount of RBIS is locked, along with the purchased currency for the length vesting period.


For example, if you choose a 20% discount on a $16,000 Ethereum purchase, you will pay $12, 800 but the full $16,000 worth of ETH will be yours once the vesting period ends and your funds become available for withdrawal or investment in a wallet savings plan.

In addition to offering as much as half off your currency purchase, the discount program has another benefit. If the price of currency you own suddenly drops sharply, you can exchange it into another currency to make a profit while also ensuring your capital doesn’t drop any more in value.

Attractive Loyalty Incentives 

Every wallet has its own regular bonuses and promotions to reward its loyal users. However, ArbiSmart takes this one step further. The wallet offers an extension option on savings plans, which lets you renew the plan for the same timeframe, with a reward of 10% of the original interest rate. So, let’s say your original 3-year savings plan earned 45% interest. If you decide to extend the plan within 90 days of expiry, you will earn 49.5% on the new 3-year plan.


A Generous Referral Program

Another common win-win feature both for wallets and their communities is a referral program. The wallet gains users and the person making the referral manages to boost their earnings, generally with a one-time payment, based on the size of the friend’s deposit.

However, ArbiSmart is changing the game entirely. The one-of-a-kind referral program pays out ongoing commissions, of up to 10% of the referred friend’s daily interest. 


The referred friend locks capital in a savings plan, on which interest is paid out daily. You will then receive a commission on that interest each day for the length of their savings plan contract, which could be as long as 5 years. 

All referral rewards are direct and there are no multitiered commissions. They come out of ArbiSmart’s pocket and not the friend’s profits and they are paid in RBIS. By raising your RBIS holdings, the commissions increase your account level and the rate of interest you receive on your own savings balances.

So, if your friend earns 70 EUR a day in interest on the funds in their savings balance and you receive a 3% rate, then you will receive the RBIS equivalent of 2 EUR every day for the duration of their plan.

All these unique opportunites enable ArbiSmart wallet holders to boost their profit potential in multiple ways and it is a great idea to look into the features of any wallet you are considering before committing your capital.

ArbiSmart is currently offering a bonus of between 12% and 35% to anyone who signs up and locks at least 5,000 EUR worth of any supported currency, in a savings plan for 24 months or more, within 3 days of this post going live. The bonus will be paid in the currency of the savings balance, and be locked  alongside the principal deposit, growing your savings capital as well as  the interest percentage you earn on it. 


Open a savings plan and contact the team via chat, referencing this article, to claim your signup bonus today!

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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