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Here Is How to Purchase Crypto with a Discount


These are difficult times for crypto owners, who are seeing the prices of many digital assets falling and it is becoming increasingly challenging to consistently make money on the purchase of cryptocurrencies in such a volatile climate.

A clear leader in this regard is the ArbiSmart wallet and financial services ecosystem, which offers discounts of up to 50% on all crypto and FIAT purchases. The project was established in 2019 and has generated consistent profits for platform users storing and purchasing currency that are higher than any legitimate competitor, through a proven, low-risk revenue model.  

Buy Crypto or FIAT for Up to Half Price

The  EU authorized ArbiSmart platform offers discounts of up to 50% when you buy crypto and FIAT currency through the platform, so long as the purchased currency is then locked for a vesting period. 

Discounts on crypto purchases range from 10% to 50%, with the percentage increasing the longer the vesting period. In certain cases, other terms may also apply such as locking a specific amount of RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, for the duration of the vesting period. In this way, RBIS is gaining additional utility, which is liable to drive up the token value.


So, if you receive a 25% discount on a $2,000 Bitcoin purchase, you will pay $1,500 but the full $2K worth of Bitcoin will be locked for the stated vesting period, after which it will be available for withdrawal or use on the platform.

Total Transparency

The specific terms relating to each of the available discount options is laid out clearly in the Buy Crypto tab of the ArbiSmart dashboard, where a wide variety of choices is presented.


The factors influencing the size of the discount on supported currencies include:

  1.  The currency being purchased and the currency being used to purchase it
  2. The amount being purchased
  3. The length of the vesting period
  4. Whether or not a sum of RBIS is also locked for the vesting period, with higher discounts, the longer the lock.

ArbiSmart supports almost 30 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Euro and USD and you can receive discounts of up to 50%, both on FIAT and crypto purchases.

For example, you may wish to purchase 5,000 USDT, which is equivalent in value to $5000, since the stablecoin price is tethered to the price of the US dollar. 

You could buy the USDT with US dollars and receive your 30% discount, but if you choose to buy your stablecoins with EUR, in addition to your 30% discount, you will also profit from the fact that while the Euro is dropping in value, USDT is rising, since the US dollar is getting stronger. 

In addition to profits from crypto purchases, ArbiSmart platform users can generate sky-high interest just for storing their purchased crypto in an interest-generating wallet, once the vesting period is complete. The exact rate depends on the plan length, plan currency, the method for receiving interest, and the wallet holder’s  account level.

Account levels are the main factor to decide your percentage bracket and they are based on how much RBIS you own. To start earning interest on your Bitcoin, Euro, or other preferred currency, you must be have Beginner level account status, requiring ownership of 1,000 RBIS. 


Adding to the list of RBIS utilities, while balances can be in any supported currency, if the balance is in RBIS it will receive interest 3 times higher than balances in any other currency. 

Daily interest can be received to an available balance or it can be locked in the savings balance. One again however, there are preferential terms for use of RBIS, since the highest rates are earned when the interest is converted into RBIS and locked for the duration of the plan. 

Earn Capital Gains, Even as Other Coins Crash 

The ArbiSmart wallet has gained a lot of traction over the past year, driving RBIS demand. This is due to the fact that it provides consistent passive profits, with interest rates that remain steady regardless of market conditions, providing a great hedge against a downturn.  This is creating generous capital gains for wallet holders on top of sky-high interest on savings plans.

Demand is set to climb even higher over the next 5 months as a suite of new, interlinked services are added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem, which will all require RBIS ownership. These include a wallet app, a DeFi protocol, with a yield farming program offering never-before-seen gamification features, an ArbiSmart NFT collection, an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn metaverse with RBIS as the in-game currency and a crypto exchange. Benefits will be given for RBIS use across the hub. 

Anyone who registers and purchases crypto or FIAT currency within 72 hours of this article going live, will get 30% off the purchase. Just contact the team by chat once you have registered to claim the discount. 


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