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Logan Paul: the Youtuber’s key crypto projects. Everything there is to know

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber, podcaster, actor, wrestler, and boxer. He became famous for posting several videos on Vine, and in February 2014 he had over 3.1 million followers on various social media platforms. By April 2014, he had reached 105,000 followers on Twitter and 361,000 followers on Instagram. 

Today, Logan Paul is one of the most project-involved personalities in the crypto world, including CryptoZoo, the NFT Azuki, Bondly, 99 Originals, and Liquid Marketplace. All important and diverse projects that, albeit amid controversy and enthusiasm, have helped make Paul one of the most famous and active YouTubers also in the blockchain world. Let’s look at them step by step. 

CryptoZoo: has Logan Paul’s NFT project failed or is there still hope?

Last year, Logan Paul announced the planned September 2021 launch of his NFT project, called CryptoZoo. However, CryptoZoo does not exist to this day. Paul’s website only lists the project as “still under construction,” as it is undergoing upgrades to the main infrastructure of the ecosystem. 

In any case, nothing has been known for months now. In fact, nothing has been posted about it on Logan Paul’s official Twitter profile since May. A factor that has led many experts to think that the implosion of the Terra/Luna ecosystem, resulting in the collapse of the crypto market, may have played a key role in the project’s failure.

Moreover, on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel, which has more than 23 million subscribers, there is no longer any reference to the CryptoZoo project at this time. In any case, the idea behind the project was to allow users to participate in the NFT-based game and thus be able to earn passive income. 

Logan Paul himself was a promoter of the game, stating that the team had spent six months making “handmade” NFTs, which would be the strength of the project. CryptoZoo did indeed launch some of its NFTs in 2021, but the hype immediately turned to disappointment. Even though $2.5 million worth of NFTs were sold at launch. 

The project’s token, which goes by the name ZOO token, was launched in the markets in July 2021, and, just before the game’s launch in late August, it hit its price high at nearly 0.5 thousandths of a dollar. 

However, by October it had lost almost all of its value, only to rise to 0.25 mills in November, during the peak of the crypto market, and fall back to practically zero in May this year. 

Currently, the ZOO token has lost 99.9% from its highs, so much so that it can be said that its value has practically gone to zero. 

Logan Paul’s $623,000 investment in the NFT of the Azuki collection

Logan Paul, who had invested $623,000 in a Bumblebee NFT from the Azuki collection, called K4M-1 #03, saw it recently drop to just $10.

The NFT collection from Azuki is considered one of the most valuable NFTs on the market, given its creativity and labor-intensive production. However, the value of Logan’s NFTs has dropped dramatically due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency market.

In the past year, Logan Paul has invested over $2 million in NFTs, with Azuki’s NFT being his most expensive purchase. Unfortunately, however, Azuki NFT is not Paul’s only loss. 

According to DappRadar, Paul’s NFT is worth about $7,272 or 5.51 Ether (ETH). The valuation underscores the nature of NFT pricing, even in the current down market.

However, it is worth noting that DappRadar’s NFT estimates can be controversial, as there is no universal way to value NFTs. So, while overall DappRadar puts Paul’s NFT collection at just under $1 million, Paul had tweeted that he spent $2.645 million to assemble his NFT collection.

Bondly: the token sponsored by Logan Paul 

Bondly, the token sponsored by Logan Paul, is a p2p exchange that allows trading on different blockchains. As a result, it has the potential to be a bridge between many different infrastructures, coming to be a crucial hub for the DeFi world.

Bondly, in February 2021, had a market capitalization of about $25 million. Later, the collaboration between Logan Paul and Bondly was announced. The numbers Paul attracts on his various social platforms provide a lot of visibility for the token. 

In addition, there have been some NFTs distributed by the YouTuber for his “Pokémon Box Break,” of which Paul is an expert and card collector. Bondly then supervised the creation and distribution of 1 of 44 Logan Paul holographic NFTs that were given to the auction winners along with their Pokemon cards. 

In addition, the winners were offered the opportunity to purchase limited-edition Logan Paul NFTs in Logan’s custom store. 

99 Originals: Logan Paul’s other NFT project

99 Originals is another famous NFT project by YouTuber Logan Paul. However, the project seems to have received a rather muted reaction from users, as they are still burned by the failure of his previous NFTs, most notably CryptoZoo mentioned above. 

Paul Logan became famous in the NFT world for the incredible proceeds he would make by buying some of them on the market, as he admitted. Now, with this new project, the YouTuber intends to make up for past bad experiences by creating a new collection called 99 Originals.

The project consists of 99 Polaroids of Paul’s adventures around the world, encapsulating the most significant moments of his life captured on tangible film. So, Logan’s goal seems to be to bring something more unique and personal to his fans.

In addition, Logan will sell the images one by one and each will be auctioned off, which means there is no fixed price for these particular NFTs. 

Liquid Marketplace, the blockchain of the YouTuber’s new venture 

Liquid, which recently raised $8 million, is a fractional marketplace. Some of its assets, such as the Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator card and a handful of rare basketball cards, are worth millions of dollars.

Paul announced the launch of Liquid Marketplace on Twitter. In a short video, he shared some highlights of the company’s collection and explained the mechanisms through which users will be able to buy and sell their fractional ownership shares. 

In fact, the new tokenization platform contains physical collectibles that can be bought, sold, and traded, allowing anyone to own a piece of the world’s rarest items

Specifically, the first items up for grabs include a Lebron James Exquisite Autographed Jersey Patch Rookie 7-figure Card and a $1 million PSA 8 Pikachu Illustrator Card, among other high-value items. 

All items will initially be available in the Offerings tab within Liquid MarketPlace, where collectors can purchase partial ownership. Thereafter, owners can buy, sell and trade their property interests whenever they want in the Pro Exchange within the platform with other users. 

The platform also uses gamification technology that allows collectors to increase the platform’s ranking, creating an engaging experience for all its users.

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