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Orbeon Protocol Vs Cardano, Which Has More Potential?


Throughout the latest bear market it’s been difficult to determine the potential of crypto projects. Fan favorites like Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost over 50% of their value, while projects like Cardano have decreased in value by 73.50% in the last 12 months alone. 

However, 2023 has brought a new light market, which has bounced back for the first time in months. Analysts are now predicting that projects like Cardano could bounce back, while new options like Orbeon Protocol will offer entirely new successful investment opportunities. 


Orbeon Protocol Could Increase By 6000% In 2023

Orbeon Protocol has taken an alternative approach to blockchain, aiming to bridge the gap between DeFi and real world businesses. It’s designed to offer more funding opportunities to startups, who currently need to compete in a highly saturated market. Here’s how it works. 

With the Orbeon Launchpad, startups can create NFTs that represent shares in their business. For example, one NFT could equate to ten shares. These shares are then listed and sold directly to retail investors for as little as $1 due to NFT fractionalization. 

Funds are then held by Orbeon Protocol until the startup hits its funding goals, after which the smart contract is “Filled” and funds are released. Should a startup fail to hit its target, the smart contract is “Killed” and investors are fully refunded. 

Once an NFT has been purchased, investors will store it in their decentralized Orbeon Wallet. If they want to sell it, they can do so through the Orbeon Swap. As part of its wider ecosystem, Orbeon Protocol will also offer an Orbeon Exchange and a Metaverse. This ecosystem will operate using ORBN tokens, which will be used for transactions. (ORBN) has a total supply of 888,000,000 tokens, with 355,200,000 (40%) being sold to the public during the Orbeon presale. 

Analysts forecast that (ORBN) will increase by 6000% from its presale price of $0.004, reaching highs of $0.24 by the end of its presale. The current price of (ORBN) has already dramatically increased to $0.0435 per token, suggesting that analysts may be correct in their predictions. 


Cardano (ADA) Struggles Amid Bear Market Lows 

Cardano (ADA) is one of the world’s most popular DeFi projects, with a market cap of $10 billion. It offers a flexible alternative to Ethereum, being both more scalable and sustainable for long term development. 

Cardano (ADA) lets developers build DeFi games, cryptocurrency projects and decentralized apps with a range of customizable features and a research-first approach. 

Cardano’s native token, ADA, hit highs of $3.10 in 2021, though has been hit hard by the bear market, losing over 91% of its total value. As of January 2023 ADA is priced at $0.3113, with investors confident that it could bounce back and reach new highs in 2023. Nonetheless, despite this growth, many investors are skeptical as to whether or not Cardano (ADA) will offer greater returns than Orbeon Protocol (ORBN.)

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