Big Eyes Coin Presale Reaches 17.5 Million Dollars! Are Dogecoin And Shiba Inu In Danger Of Being Overtaken?
Big Eyes Coin Presale Reaches 17.5 Million Dollars! Are Dogecoin And Shiba Inu In Danger Of Being Overtaken?

Big Eyes Coin Presale Reaches 17.5 Million Dollars! Are Dogecoin And Shiba Inu In Danger Of Being Overtaken?

By Crypto Advertising - 25 Jan 2023

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has continued its climb to the top of the cryptocurrency industry by raising an astronomical 17.5 million dollars in presale.

Now in stage 9 after securing a tier 1 CEX launch and appearing on a 3D billboard in New York City, there is no telling how far this cat-themed coin can go.

And the relatively new meme going has been so impressive that surpassing meme coin competitors like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) is not beyond the realms of possibility.

After all, the crypto economy is still going through a bit of a rough patch. Apart from Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, crypto powerhouses like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB), and Ethereum (ETH) are no way near their all-time high values.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is priced at $22,923.13, Ethereum is at $1,623.93 and Binance is a measly $314.98.

Therefore, it may be the perfect time for a contemporary cryptocurrency like Big Eyes Coin to capitalize on the ongoing struggle in the crypto universe and gain some serious ground.

Big Eyes Coin

Dogecoin: The Elon Effect Is Strong

Dogecoin is widely recognized for its smooth, efficient, and cost-effective transactions in a fun-filled supportive community of meme-lovers.

But the majority of crypto enthusiasts would arguably never be aware of Dogecoin if Elon Musk did not tweet about it in 2019.

First released in 2013, Dogecoin had a very average existence in its first several years. However, after Musk’s tweet, it skyrocketed in value, allowing it to break into the top 10 cryptocurrency rankings.

And more recently, we saw the power of Musk again when he bought Twitter in October 2022 and inadvertently helped Dogecoin to temporarily surpass Cardano (ADA) in market cap.

Shiba Inu: Staking Rewards Are Its Saving Grace

Similar to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu piggybacked over a more famous entity to get to where it is today. Yet the entity, in this case, is Dogecoin, which Shiba Inu tried to replace, hence its nickname ‘Dogecoin Killer’.

Nevertheless, thanks to its staking rewards, Shiba Inu has proven itself to be more than just a Dogecoin copycat. 

Investors can stake or bury Shiba Inu coins in return for receiving other tokens in the ecosystem such as SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. The more tokens they stake, the greater the passive income over time.

Big Eyes Coin: Cats Are Generous After All

The mascot of Big Eyes Coin is a cat, but unlike the stereotypical domestic pet, this meme coin actually cares about the world around it.

That’s why 5% of Big Eyes Coin’s total supply will be donated to ocean-saving charities, having a positive impact on global warming and sea life. 

Furthermore, Big Eyes Coin also intends to give back to all its investors by hosting a range of exciting in-person events, where they can mingle with each other.

Big Eyes Coin

Final Thoughts

Big Eyes Coin surpassing 17.5 million dollars in presale is a testament to the incredible value it is proposing in the crypto space. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu may need to step up their game if they want to avoid losing their position near the summit of the crypto economy.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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