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Aptos and NEAR Protocol Soar as Big Eyes Launches an ROI Calculator


It has been a profitable few weeks for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Bitcoin soared, leading into a mini alt season where various altcoins have seen mouth-watering returns in a very short space of time, possibly the most vigorous of these altcoins are Aptos and NEAR Protocol.

Aptos Up Over 100% In A Week!

Aptos may be an unfamiliar name to some, but this week has stormed into the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. Aptos was responsible for the blockchain technology used by Meta (previously known as Facebook) and is the leader in blockchain solutions for e-commerce retailers.

While Aptos might seem like another Proof-of-Stake Layer 1 blockchain wired up slightly differently to the likes of Solana to serve a different purpose, that is not a fair assessment. Aptos is renowned for its reliability, something that Solana is not. After all, Meta did work with them to work on a blockchain of their own.

Aptos is up roughly 450% from its bear market low in December 2022. This is a staggering performance considering we have been in one of the most devastating bear markets in history. APT demonstrates extreme strength in these volatile conditions, suggesting that investor confidence in the project is high and it will be a good crypto investment going forwards.

NEAR Protocol leads the B2B blockchain solutions.

Near Protocol is another stand-out performer of late, up circa 120% from its bear market low a few months ago. NEAR is designed to bring blockchain to the masses with near unlimited throughput and very low transaction costs.

The technology behind NEAR allows the blockchain to scale effortlessly to nearly an unlimited tps (transactions per second) count. This gives this Layer 1 a huge edge over its competition such as Avalanche, Ethereum and Solana.

Big Eyes ROI calculator lets you view the future value of your $BIG bags

Tech Cat, the CTO of Big Eyes, has added an ROI calculator function on the Big Eyes presale website! It is now easier than ever to find out exactly what your bags of Big Eyes will be worth, from the launch price to $1!


As seen in the image above, $385 of $BIG now will be worth an incredible $1 million if the token were to hit $1! With the current 200% bonus active, this means you only require to purchase $130 to receive $385 worth! The bonus immediately triples all purchases made and ends on February the 3rd! Now is the best time to bet BIG on Big Eyes! Remember to use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200.

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