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Big Eyes Coin Introduce A Nifty New Return On Investment Calculator, making them the envy of falling Gemini and Binance


As the month draws to a close, brokers and experts begin to forecast their expectations of the crypto market, and everyone who’s anyone is vying for the lion’s share of the wealth. The start of the year is often a sort of pathetic fallacy for stocks and trade, insisting that all running the race put their best foot forward. Market innovations, sizeable investments, publicity stunts, controversy, and the seafaring of crypto-whales all dominate the headlines as the memory of the year past fades in the rearview.

Among the innovations that appear to be setting trends for 2023, we’ve seen the steady rise of NFTs embedding themselves more in the world of decentralised currency. If crypto is the money, NFTs are the real estate. Also staking a claim of residence, we’re watching as token-based communities and assets begin to brace the frontier of our new, exciting times. All of the competing cryptocurrencies on the market are scrambling for the newest ideas.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is helping to lead the way in innovation in more ways than one. With a focus on environmentalist philanthropic efforts (to combat the growing concerns regarding crypto and its effect on the planet), Big Eyes have been sharp to trends, and are marketing their meme coin with a cartoonish, accessible aesthetic. It’s the perfect setting for NFTs, collectibles, world-building, and possibly, token-accessible communities. Not to mention, the merchandising opportunities are endless. Clothes, mugs, blankets, plushies, phone cases, you name it. The Big Eyes website says that their “Supurrr-store” is launching soon, and their loyal community are bound to reap the spoils.

Most poignantly, Big Eyes have had the foresight — still in their pre-sale stage — to develop a new calculator feature that allows user to determine how much their investment will be worth when converted to USD when the coin launches into the cryptoverse, later this quarter.

Big Eyes Coin

Other coins like Helium (HNT) and Gemini (GUSD) are going to have to start balancing the scales as we move towards February by finding new ways to engage with the community, and their investors. A shaky start to the year can set a bad precedent for budding cryptocoins in this diverse and changing environment. New tech is being developed all the time, and sky appears to be the limit for what can be achieved with decentralised finances. Big Eyes appear to have their finger on the proverbial pulse

Having raised $18 million is pre-sale, and laying claim to some huge recent investments, Big Eyes are certainly one to watch. It’s clear to see why brokers and pundits are dropping their name in so much press material. Meme coins have a storied reputation of being as risky as they are fun. Big Eyes appears to be trying to bring some stabilitity to the format, and whatever their formula is, it’s working.

Big Eyes Coin

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