One Of The Largest Crypto Presales In 2 Years: Big Eyes Coin Joins Rising Investment Stars Like Fantom And ApeCoin
One Of The Largest Crypto Presales In 2 Years: Big Eyes Coin Joins Rising Investment Stars Like Fantom And ApeCoin

One Of The Largest Crypto Presales In 2 Years: Big Eyes Coin Joins Rising Investment Stars Like Fantom And ApeCoin

By Crypto Advertising - 3 Feb 2023

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Picking the next big cryptocurrency winner is the dream of most investors and in the crypto world, dreams can come true. Although there were a few nightmares last year, investors are waking up to a number of big opportunities for 2023. These include Fantom, ApeCoin and Big Eyes Coin. Big Eyes Coin has already raised $21 million in one of the largest crypto presales from the last two years and looks set for a bright future.

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Fantom – A Hidden Crypto Now Discovered

The Fantom (FTM) coin started 2023 on a high, emerging from January as one of the top gainers. The coin rose by over 142%, ending the month at USD 0.5391. Fantom prides itself on being a quick and versatile platform for digital content. Fantom is a developer-friendly platform with its DeFi services and distinctive consensus system.

Fantom uses its speed and scalability to match other smart contract platforms. Developers can use Fantom’s speed and smart contract functionality.

Fantom is an appealing investment choice for many.

ApeCoin – The Crypto That Many Are Going Bananas About

ApeCoin (APE) is known for being a community-based token, offering various benefits to its users.

Investors join a community of like-minded investors, with the chance to take part in different games and projects. One game is called Benji Bananas and a Bananas Membership Pass can be purchased for 25 ApeCoins.

ApeCoin token holders can purchase a large array of games, in addition to attending exclusive events.

Big Eyes Coin – Set To Make Dreams Come True

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is causing a real stir in the crypto market, turning the heads of investors everywhere. After surpassing a huge $21 million in its presale, the meme coin is fast-approaching stardom in the crypto stratosphere.

Meme coins and tokens are usually inspired by popular internet memes and jokes. The Big Eyes Coin project, which is a cat-themed meme coin on the Ethereum network, enables cat lovers to join a community with like-minded users to gain a better understanding of crypto and relish in cat-themed content.

The Big Eyes Coin website offers extensive information on the coin and its impressive features. One new website feature is its ROI calculator, which gives users the opportunity to see their potential earnings if the price of the coin rises.

By using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 buyers are given an additional 200% bonus on their purchases. It’s no surprise that investors’ interest in the meme coin has skyrocketed.

For those looking for a dream crypto investment, Big Eyes Coin could well be the answer. But you need to move quickly as that launch offer code expires on Friday 3 February and will not be repeated.

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