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Whether The Crypto Market Is Making A U-Turn Or This Is A Dead Cat Bounce, Here Are The Best Presales To Hit In 2023: DogoDoge, FightOut, Big Eyes Coin, And More!


Against general misconception, one can reap hefty returns during bear and bull markets. In order to do so, one has to choose the correct strategy to pursue, and only then is there a chance for success. Since we currently reside in the bear market, this editorial will cover the basics of operating in bear territory without getting ripped apart by its vicious claws.

Namely, we will talk about the magic power of presale, touching upon the hottest projects currently undergoing this process. DogoDoge, Orbeon Protocol, Metacade, FightOut and Big Eyes Coin are the lucky projects that made our list. Join me on the quest to see what these projects could offer and why it might be the time to double down on the crypto mania. Let’s dive in.

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DogoDoge: Doge, Dogo and More

Although on the surface DogoDoge is a meme coin, ultimately, this project offers a wide range of crypto services. This project incorporates NFTs, Metaverse, Metarace games and more! Attempting to build a vibrant community around the project, DogoDoge pledges to deliver, among other things, DeFi options for DOGE holders, which is a nice twist for a project of this calibre. Give it a go, considering that its presale will not last forever.

Orbeon Protocol: Crowdfunding, Venture Capital and More

The Orbeon project is a launchpad attempting to connect real-world businesses directly with the crypto community. This is one of the world’s largest crypto crowdfunding platforms, focusing on small-scale companies with great potential. Start-ups willing to raise funds and engage with their community will be able to do so through being offered a reward and equity-based NFTs. As a result, each investment opportunity will be minted into an NFT and then fractionalised, allowing anyone to back and invest in brands they think have the most prospects. With 13 days before the price increases, this project represents an absolute steal.

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Metacade: Web3, Community and More

The Metacade promises to deliver the ultimate Web3 community hub for gamers and blockchain fanatics to communicate and collaborate on various initiatives. The project’s vision is to create a dynamic virtual experience for like-minded people to enjoy the GameFi universe to its fullest extent, making Web3 culture a flagman of the subsequent crypto development. Dive into the majestic world of GameFi with Metacade!

FighOut: The Future of Move-To-Earn

The project has assembled a team of Web3 experts and developers to deliver a unique fitness experience with a set of unprecedented goals. Over the coming months, the Fight Out project will revolutionise how people move and earn in the metaverse. The team behind the project is awe-inspiring, spawning crypto developers, training professionals and UFC legends to ensure that FightOut will lead the development of the metaverse for years to come. Follow this project for more information, as its presale will not last forever.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin: Meme Token, Cute Cate and More 

Among the projects that made the list, Big Eyes Coin represents the hottest pie on the crypto table. Unlike its closed competition, Big Eyes did not only amass more than $24 million in presale but also managed to unite a growing community around its successful brand. The crypto flock has seen enough of the ape derivatives and dog-themed coins; hence the success of Big Eyes shouldn’t surprise anyone. Its cute anime-inspired cat quickly became the project’s furry mascot, leaving little room for other meme coins to maintain the same pacing in the presale game. Be sure to check this project out, as its 200% bonus LAUNCHBIGEYES200 will only be valid until the 20th of February.

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