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Giovanni Motta: his free NFT project out today

Giovanni Motta, a famous Italian NFT artist, at a time when everyone is trying to make cash. He decides to launch his Non-Fungible Token project today with a free mint. This is his way of showing gratitude towards his community.

Giovanni Motta: the NFT project with free mint is out today

Today, 8 February, Giovanni Motta’s community will be able to access his new NFT Art project by minting a Non-Fungible Token for free on Manifold, for a maximum number of 3 NFTs per wallet.

It is a still image work called Wonder Machine that was taken from the artist’s main work, the Wonder Angel video.

Then on Saturday, 11 February, the same users will be able to burn 5 pieces taken from Wonder Machine for free, keeping in mind the 3 per wallet condition. This will enable the collector to get the most beautiful and important main work of Wonder Angel.

Motta has become famous for his digital works in which he often features a cute cardboard-looking child called Jonny Boy who is nothing but a representation of the child self within each of us. With Jonny Boy, Motta is trying to explore or simply recall the feelings and emotions that every young kid feels in discovering the world.

Giovanni Motta and his free NFT works: a description of Wonder Machine

In the artwork Wonder Machine, the viewer gets an artist’s presentation of a future in which technology has advanced to the point of creating children on an assembly line.

These children are constructed from a combination of advanced materials and organic substances, and are arranged in single file, waiting for their moment of creation.

At the beginning of the line of children, the artwork shows a huge machine working. Using a powerful laser scanner to bring the children to life. This laser scans each child, adjusting and calibrating their systems to perfection. With each scan, the children come alive and begin to move, taking their first steps into the world. Children are filled with wonder and excitement as they explore their new environment, and the artist has captured this excitement in their lives.

The expressions of the children in Wonder Machine, represent a vision of the future in which technology and life are intertwined. Resulting in a new generation of beings that blur the line between machine and human.

Wonder Machine aims to invite the viewer to confront the reality of a future in which technology has the power to create and control life.

Who is the artist?

For those who do not yet know him, Giovanni Motta is an artist from Verona, Italy, born in 1971 who, just a few years ago, decided to fully dedicate himself to his art, instead of putting it on the back burner as he has done since he was 21 years old.

And indeed, since that time, Motta has created many fascinating works, including NFTs that have already been displayed in several exhibitions.

According to reports, Motta described his first approach to digital art as something completely natural, having already been working on 3D modeling programs and the world of 3D printing.

Specifically, here are Motta’s words about crypto art:

“the involvement with crypto art was completely natural, like when you fall madly in love and everything seems fluid, intense, easy and beautiful.” 

Jonny Boy, the beloved child of so many of his works, has his own expression in each work, which, however, encompasses three different moods: fear that has negative meaning, wonder that has positive exception, and amazement that is intermediate.

In this way, the viewer can mirror himself in Jonny Boy according to his state of mind, thus feeling understood.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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