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$27 Million Raised In Presale! Read, How Big Eyes Coin Is Becoming A Potential Alternative To SOL And DOT


‘In a cat’s eye, all things belong to the cat’ this simple proverb means that cats rule the world. What exception does the crypto market have not to be reigned by cute kittens? Ever since  Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a cat-based meme coin, was rolled out in presale, crypto investors have been pouring their money into it. The overwhelming response from the crypto community has turned Big Eyes Coin, a newbie to the market, into a potential alternative to SOL and DOT coins.

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Solana Has Got A New Competitor

Solana is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized finance solutions to its users. Launched in 2020, Solana is known in the crypto market for its incomparable short processing time and decreased validation time for transactions and contract execution. The protocol of the Solana has been designed to have low transaction costs while maintaining fast processing.

Solana reached its all-time high value in 2021. It was trading at more than $260 back then. But, from there on it has taken a deep dive to settle at around $20. Since January, Solana has been showing a steady rise in its growth graft. But, it seems Solana has got a new competitor. The increasing reception for Big Eyes Coin that promised high-speed transactions and 100 percent security has made the crypto market analyst arrive at this conclusion.

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Big Eyes Coin Cat Poses Threat To DOT

Polkadot is a multi-chain protocol that allows blockchains to communicate and work with one another. The native cryptocurrency of Polkadot is called the DOT token. Created by the web3 foundation the DOT token has seen success in its very early stage. In late 2021, the DOT token reached its highest-ever value in the market. But, since April 2022, the value has been traveling in descending order. As of now, the DOT token is trading for around 6 dollars. Now, market analysts have predicted that the arrival of the new meme coin Big Eyes might put second thoughts in investors interested in DOT tokens.

big eyes coin

Big Eyes Cats Reign The Crypto Presale

Ever heard of the adage that says ‘Elephants come late, bell sounds first?’. This is precisely what is happening right now in the crypto market. The presale of Big Eyes is silently announcing the massive entry of the new meme-based crypto coin. So far, Big Eyes has raised 27 million US dollars. The 200% bonus for the investors who use LAUNCHBIGEYES200 and its assurance of 100% security and the high-speed transaction has earned not only confidence but also investment from the crypto enthusiast. The code to get a 200% bonus is going to end on 20th February. The unanticipated response from the crypto world has made Big Eyes a potential competitor to many established coins, even before it is launched. For more information check out the links below:




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