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Blockchain Technology and its Leading Ladies: Internet Computer, Quant and Newcomer, Dogetti


Did you see the word “blockchain” and start to get a headache? Fancy-sounding words with even fancier-looking definitions tend to fill one with dread. Not to worry, I will make it simple.

You see, there have been numerous failed attempts to generate digital money in the past.

The main problem is one of trust. How can we be sure that someone who invents new money won’t just steal this money or give himself a million of it?

Bitcoin arrived at this solution by utilizing a particular kind of advanced database known as a blockchain. Most databases need an administrator who can update the entries, not the blockchain. Because its users run it, no one is in charge.

Furthermore, since your money (digital money) cannot be faked, hacked, or twice spent, its owner can have confidence that it is of some value.

Now, why are Internet Computer (ICP), Quant (QNT) and Dogetti (DETI) leading the pack in the future where blockchain tech reigns supreme? Keep reading to find out more.

Internet computer, not just another crypto

It seems like the world doesn’t need another cryptocurrency given that there are already tens of thousands of them. But unlike many cryptocurrencies, Internet Computer has a different objective. For one, ICP enables users to build web-based services like apps and websites.

It was founded by the Dfinity Foundation with the support of reputable venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

To show just how much ICP will be one of the leading projects riding on the coattails of blockchain tech, Dfinity has joined hands with FEDERITALY to use the coin’s technology to verify products “Made in Italy” and confirm product labels on the blockchain.

FEDERITALY, a non-profit apparel federation, will use the security, quickness, and confidence of Dfinity’s Internet Computer to certify that products are “100% Made in Italy.” Each product will receive a QR code that will save blockchain data on an internet computer that matches the product label, ensuring the label’s accuracy.

Now imagine being able to do this with almost every product. That’s the future.

Quant on a bullish run

Quant experienced incredibly bullish movements since mid-2022. Like many other cryptocurrencies, QNT has seen drops in value. However, the price of QNT soared at the start of the year. What will happen to the price of Quant next? Some analysts believe that it could potentially hit $1000.

It burst into the scene as the first cryptocurrency to make an effort to address the problem of blockchain accessibility. It did this by creating the first “blockchain operating system,” known as Everledger with the main goal of connecting other blockchains while maintaining efficiency.

It also makes it possible to create MApps, or multi-chain applications, which use cross-blockchain smart contracts to function across different blockchains.

With these facilities, Quant has secured itself a significant role in a future where blockchain tech rules.


Dogetti, a win-win for investors

Woof! Woof!! Dogetti calls, and smart investors answer. DETI is gunning for the top doge crown, and they are doing this by building a community that is close-knit and unified, or as they prefer to call it, the Dogetti family.

It has launched its presale and is looking to top the crypto presale list, and with attractive perks like a 25% bonus on every purchase, investors are falling for the puppy eyes.

Building on existing blockchain technology, Dogetti is geared towards a system that is fully decentralized, transparent, secure, and free from censorship.

My Final Thought

According to Grand View Research, the global blockchain technology market is expected to be worth US$ 10 billion in 2022 and to grow at a compound annual rate of around 90% from 2023 to 2030.

Despite the fact that many people seem to be writing off blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a passing fad in technology, the same happened with the internet and many advancements in tech. This is why those with vision remain optimistic about their prospects.

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