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Cool Cat Crew Going Strong as Big Eyes Coin hits $28 Million in Presale Funding, With Community Members Donning Themselves In Permanent Cuteness

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) makes a name for itself as the cutest kitty in the crypto world. The meme token continues to break records, by surpassing the $28 Million mark in pre-sale funding and continuing to bring positive investment returns to savvy investors. The coin is now set to break the internet with the launch of the Big Eyes Tattoo competition on Twitter, which will award the first 10 people who get the charming cat tattooed, a whopping $1K worth of Big Eyes coins each! Read more to find out about this compelling project.

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Within the vast ocean of decentralised finance, the highly anticipated launch of this meme token has inspired many to join the Cat Crew, gain autonomous control over their finances and give back to Mother Earth’s oceans through this sensational project.

Big Eyes Coin has a vital focus on NFTs, which takes on the adorable appearance of an anime-inspired kitty cat inspired by an amalgamation of Japanese and American culture. Its esteemed celebrated NFT club – The Sushi Crew- compels supporters of the project to join, as a way to connect, collaborate and barter with likeminded NFT aficionados who wish to buy, sell and trade the endearing cat-themed NFTs. Members of the Sushi Crew can relish the awesome rewards available, such as the 10% tax levy on all NFTS out of which 40% will be sent to members as royalties and 50% allocated to every NFT holder.  The project is also working to plan premier NFT events, both in-person and online, to further strengthen community ties.

big eyes coin

Community is key when it comes to Big Eyes Coin, which has vowed to make 90% of all tokens available to its community at its launch. The project also has a dedicated charity wallet in which 5% of tokens will be donated to charitable organisations that fight for the conservation of oceans and help against pollution and overfishing. The project allows for a liquidity pool with a limit of two years minimum, leaving plenty of room for investments to grow and prosper. Early investors have already accumulated abundance with a 743% return on investment during the early stages of funding. Investors can remain certain that the security and safety of this adorable token are assured, with the project’s contract being fully audited by Solidity Finance. The project’s unwavering commitment to bringing pragmatic functionality to BIG holders of the BIG tokens not only highlights the token’s financial potential but indicates a thriving future as a meme-coin phenomenon.

The Big Eyes community is not one to be rivalled with, as supporters of the project are rushing to mark themselves with the adorable kitty in the hopes to win the Big Eyes Coin prize.  The united strength of this community holds no bounds and continues to grow day by day. However, curious cats who wish to purchase within the next 12 hours will be able to receive an amazing 200% bonus using the limited LAUNCHBIGEYES200 promotional code. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of history with the next big crypto success story by following these links.




big eyes coin

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