Best Cryptos To Buy In 2023: Axie Infinity, Dogetti, and Cosmos
Best Cryptos To Buy In 2023: Axie Infinity, Dogetti, and Cosmos

Best Cryptos To Buy In 2023: Axie Infinity, Dogetti, and Cosmos

By Crypto Advertising - 22 Feb 2023

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This editorial piece will examine Axie Infinity (AXS), Dogetti (DETI), and Cosmos (ATOM). These three cryptocurrencies are listed due to their ability to provide explosive returns while encompassing an innovative ecosystem for their users to take advantage of. So, what makes these crypto platforms so desirable?


Axie Infinity and Cosmos are two established platforms, with Axie Infinity being a pioneer for Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. Cosmos powers an ecosystem of blockchains which is why it has enjoyed immeasurable success since its inception. Dogetti is new to the crypto space. The meme token platform aims to become the biggest family in the crypto market, providing explosive returns for its users in the process.

Dogetti – The Future Of Meme Tokens

Dogetti has been labeled the future of meme tokens, providing a roadmap that encompasses several innovative features, potentially attracting millions of users. These innovative features include an NFT collection, a DEX, and a DAO.

The DAO ensures Dogetti remains community-centric by allowing its community to contribute to the decision-making process behind the development of the platform. Additionally, the DEX allows Dogetti users to transfer any ERC20 token with another as it builds on the Ethereum network and is powered by Uniswap to maintain high liquidity.

The NFT collection proposed by the Dogetti team sets the platform apart from the swarm of canine-themed meme tokens in the crypto space. Holders of Dogetti NFTs can breed their digital companions to create new NFTs!

Is Axie Infinity Making A Comeback?


As mentioned above, Axie Infinity was a pioneer in the P2E industry. The crypto platform produced a game that took inspiration from Tamagotchi and Pokemon, attracting millions of users in the process.

Although the platform is not at the height it once saw in 2021, it still holds some amazing records. Axie Infinity’s most expensive NFT sold for an eye-watering $820,000, with a total of $3.6 billion traded on its in-house NFT marketplace.

Axie Infinity appears to be making a comeback in the crypto market. The platform has increased its market capitalization by an incredible 19.10% in the past seven days at the time of writing, showcasing why it deserves to be on your portfolio this year.

Cosmos – The Problem-Solving Blockchain

When Cosmos launched in 2019, the platform was labeled as the project to solve some of the hardest problems plaguing the blockchain industry. Cosmos targeted Proof-of-Work (PoW) networks due to their environmentally harmful, slow, and expensive nature.

Cosmos is one of the most scalable and environmentally-friendly blockchains in the industry. The crypto platform utilizes a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus to maintain a high volume of transactions per second and limit energy consumption.

Like Axie Infinity, Cosmos increased its market capitalization at the start of 2023. The blockchain giant has seen an 11.93% increase in market capitalization in the past seven days at the time of writing. If this positive trend continues, as experts predict, acquiring ATOM tokens could prove wise.

To Summarise

Axie Infinity and Cosmos are two crypto platforms that are experiencing positive trends at the time of writing. Experts predict that these trends could continue, making now an ideal time to accumulate tokens. Dogetti is another platform that should be on your radar. Dogetti has proposed an ecosystem that could bring wealth to any crypto enthusiast’s portfolio while allowing them to become part of potentially the biggest family in cryptocurrency.


Those who wish to become part of the Dogetti family are entitled to 25% bonus tokens with their presale purchase. All you need to do is enter the WISEGUY25 code at the checkout to receive yours!

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