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How to Instantly Earn 10 – 50 % Profits on Your Crypto Purchase


The cryptocurrency markets are experiencing a great deal of upheaval right now and prices are incredibly volatile. While owners of digital assets are contending with increased uncertainty, the current market conditions also offer great opportunities for buying and selling crypto for a profit.

By far, the most lucrative way to purchase crypto today is with the ArbiSmart project, a wallet and financial services hub that provides discounts between 10% and 50% every time you buy FIAT or crypto through the platform.

The ArbiSmart Currency Purchase Discount Program

ArbiSmart’s EU registered and authorized platform lets you buy approximately 30 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Euro and USD, at a substantial discount.

All the discount options and the specific conditions that need to be met are laid out clearly, prior to purchase.  The discount that you will receive depends on a number of factors, including the currency being bought and the amount you purchase. In addition, all discounted purchases require that the currency being bought is locked for a vesting period, and the discount will be higher the longer the vesting period that is chosen. The buyer can decide to also lock a sum of RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, for the length of the vesting period to receive an even higher profit.

arbismart project

arbismart project

To get a better sense of how the discount program works let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you decide to benefit from a 20% discount on a €3,000 ETH purchase, you will pay €2,400 but the full €3K worth of ETH will become available for withdrawal once the stated vesting period is complete.

arbi smart project

There are multiple financial advantages to buying currency with ArbiSmart and participating in the purchase discount program. Firstly, you are gaining as much as 50% extra value for your purchased currency at no additional cost. Secondly, if your capital is in a currency that has suddenly dropped in price, by exchanging funds into a different currency, you can prevent it from losing further value, while also making money on the transaction.

In those cases where RBIS is also locked for the duration vesting period, the token is gaining an additional utility, which will help drive up the value. To understand the potential impact of this on your bottom line, we need to take a closer look at the ArbiSmart ecosystem.


To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw?

As well as enabling platform users to buy and exchange currency, ArbiSmart also offers an interest-bearing wallet that generates profits potentially exceeding 145% a year. Once the vesting period has ended, if a currency holder chooses to store their funds in a wallet savings plan as opposed to withdrawing them this offers another great source of passive income.

The main factor determining the amount that you earn on your FIAT or crypto savings plan is your account level. Your account status is based on how much RBIS you own, with more RBIS resulting in a higher APY, on balances in Bitcoin, Euro, or any other supported currency.  This provides another utility for RBIS, increasing demand for the token and pushing up the price to create additional passive revenue from capital gains on the rising token value.

The wallet has become a popular choice with crypto investors over the past year, since even at the height of the bear market, whichever direction prices are moving, interest rates remain the same, ensuring a reliable, steady, daily return.

arbi smart project

It’s worth noting that ArbiSmart will be introducing a range of additional RBIS utilities in early 2023, which should further drive token demand. These include a DeFi protocol offering yield farming with unique gamification features, an NFT marketplace, a professional crypto exchange, and a gaming metaverse.

Register with ArbiSmart within 3 days of this article being posted and receive 30% extra on long-term savings plans in various currencies. For example, lock one Bitcoin and be credited with 1.3 BTC, on which you will earn daily interest. As soon as you sign up all the details of the promotion appear on the dashboard. Seize the moment, open a plan now!

arbismart project

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