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Why You Should Try Arbitrage, the Hottest Trend in Crypto


Crypto arbitrage is more popular than any other strategy right now and it is gaining a bigger following by the day as investors look for stability and consistency in these uncertain times.

In this article we will examine what’s behind the surge in interest in this mode of trading, examining the specific advantages and some unique features to look out for when choosing a platform.

What Is Arbitrage Investing?

Arbitrage is an automated investment strategy that exploits temporary price differences across exchanges. An algorithm tracks numerous exchanges around the clock monitoring hundreds of digital assets. It looks for instances where a cryptocurrency is simultaneously available at different prices and then buys the coin on the exchange where it is offered at the lowest price before instantly selling it on the exchange where the price is highest to make the best possible return. Highly efficient, an arbitrage system can exploit hundreds of price disparities simultaneously at lightning speed.


Why Is Arbitrage the Top Strategy Choice for the Current Market

It has been a tough year for crypto owners, with a prolonged bear run as well as the further instability caused by the collapse of FTX, and the fallout that continues to be felt across the entire crypto market. So, it is no surprise that a strategy which generates a consistent profit, whichever direction the market is moving, will surge in popularity.

Price disparities arise from differences in liquidity and trading volume between a bigger exchange and a smaller one. So, you don’t have to wait for a market shift to make a profit, as they emerge in all market conditions.


The Advantages

  • Exceptionally high profits that can exceed 100% a year
  • Risk to invested capital from trading is close to zero
  • No effort and no extensive knowledge or experience required
  • A hedge against falling prices – arbitrage generates reliable passive profits that remain the same in a bull or bear market.


Whose Arbitrage Service Is Best?

Head and shoulders above the competition, is ArbiSmart, a well-regarded crypto arbitrage platform and financial services hub. Introduced in 2019, ArbiSmart is an EU authorized and registered platform that offers unparalleled transparency, with a profit calculator that informs you of the exact amount you will earn, before you even make a deposit.


How it works:

A platform user can open an investment plan, where funds are locked for a chosen period in one of  27 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies. There is a wide choice of contracts, which can be as brief as 1 month or as long as 5 years, with a higher profit the longer the duration of the plan.

Another factor that impacts the amount you make from your crypto arbitrage investment is how much of the native token, RBIS, you own. The more RBIS you hold, the higher your account level and the bigger your profit percentage on plans in Bitcoin, Euro, Dogecoin, USD or any of the other ArbiSmart-supported currencies. If the funds in the plan are held in RBIS, the returns are even higher.

The token supply is finite and will continue to shrink, while demand rises, as a suite of new RBIS utilities is introduced to the ArbiSmart ecosystem in H1 of 2023, including a cryptocurrency exchange, a DeFi yield farming protocol, with a first-of-its-kind gamification element, and an NFT marketplace. In fact, by the April 2023, analysts are projecting a rise of over 900% in the token value, which would mean huge capital gains for RBIS holders.

Whoever you choose to invest with, crypto arbitrage is a great way to minimize risk, while maximizing profits even at the height of a bear market.

Right now, ArbiSmart is offering 30% bonus for any reader who sign up with the platform and open a long-term investment plan within 72 hours of this article being posted.

*This article has been paid for. Cryptonomist did not write the article or test the platform.

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