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Protect Your XRP and Polygon Assets Long-Term with


If you’re prone to emotional decision making and always seem to make the mistake of buying at highs and selling at lows, you may be on the lookout for a solution. is here to help you, by providing a decentralised platform for you to store your crypto funds safely. Given the current state of the market, you may want to hold onto your XRP (XRP) and Polygon (MATIC) assets for now. Here’s how you can with

Is XRP Headed for a Bull Run?

XRP’s price has jumped in the past few days and currently trades for $0.3922. This has been rising steadily for the past few days and is up 4.94% in the past week.

The rest of the crypto market has been hurt after the news of Silvergate Bank, but for now XRP appears largely unscathed. The Ripple-SEC court case should also be coming to an end soon and many are predicting a positive outcome for Ripple.

A whale has recently moved $10 million worth of XRP off of the Bitso Crypto exchange platform. This could be a sign that users are preparing themselves for major returns later this year. Analysts are predicting a bullish reversal for XRP this year, especially after the Ripple-SEC case comes to a close.

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Demand for Polygon Increases

Polygon has slumped around 27% since mid-February. But, long-term MATIC holders and daily active users have increased.

Polygon set out to be a layer-2 scaling solution to Ethereum’s throughput and gas fees problem. Ethereum has upgraded since but Polygon has also gained more daily users. Polygon’s fast transaction fees and strategic partnerships to expand its ecosystem appear to be resulting in network growth. The surge in traction also indicates that there could be an increasing demand for Polygon’s services.

Polygon currently trades for $1.07 and has a market capitalization of $9.39 billion.


How Can Help You?

In the unregulated crypto market, it’s important to store your long-term crypto assets in the safest place possible. One of the biggest problems facing crypto is the security risks and storage problems. is here to solve this very problem.

The platform offers you the safest, most secure place to hold your crypto investments. You can easily set the timescale for how long you want your funds to stay locked away and does all the rest by ensuring your funds are safe from security breaches and theft. You won’t be able to release the funds for the duration of the time you set, unless there’s an emergency. So can also prevent you from making any impulsive decisions based on market fluctuations. The key here is that you set the timescale so you have the control back over your crypto. is also dependable and trustworthy. Your funds will be safe as the platform uses high-level encryption and secure storage practices to ensure safety and privacy of your data and funds. The user-friendly platform also makes the process as easy as possible.

Final thoughts

If you’re tired of making impulsive decisions with crypto that don’t pay off, could be the solution you’ve been looking for. The innovative platform provides high quality safeguarding for your crypto assets in the highly volatile market. All you need to do is lock the funds away and you can sit back and relax knowing your funds are safe.

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