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Soaring cryptocurrency prices boost Polygon’s forecast for 2023, as Metacade presale points to the moon


  • Polygon is steadily gaining interest, which could translate into good returns for MATIC
  • Metacade is a new project from GameFi that looks poised to revolutionize gaming
  • Metacade’s presale is gaining so much interest that it may not be available for much longer

This year is off to a great start for Web3, giving all investors optimism and confidence that the bear market is finally over.

With the general recovery, there is a greater focus on fundamental analysis as investors use their resources to identify projects with the greatest chance of generating large profits.

One project that has recently been considered a bright future is Polygon’s layer-2 scaling solution. Most analysts who came up with a price forecast for Polygon predicted a decent year from a price perspective.

However, a new cryptocurrency presale project known as Metacade is grabbing headlines thanks to an extremely popular presale that has contributed to an astronomical set of price predictions. Read on to learn about the valuation of these projects as investments.

Metacade plays to win

Metacade’s whitepaper caused a stir in investment circles, with the Metacade team outlining plans to disrupt the gaming world as we know it.

The enthusiasm with which the details of the whitepaper were received is the driving force behind the intense presale activity, with the first 16 weeks raising $10m. Interest in the project appears to be growing, with the presale currently in phase 6.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is creating a GameFi ecosystem, the flagship of which is arcade play-to-earn (P2E). Will host the largest library of P2E games available in the entire cryptosphere.

The project boasts a far-reaching rewards system, central to the incentive structure for users and investors. Players of all types can create sources of income for themselves by playing, either casually or in competitive tournaments, if they wish. Rewards also incentivize activities that foster ecosystem quality, with community engagement and alpha version sharing.

How Metacade works

A utility token, MCADE, is used to power the Metacade ecosystem and serves as the platform’s currency for rewards and beyond. The token is carefully designed, offering only 2 billion pieces and offering investors rewards to incentivize holding; rewards are even paid in stablecoins to avoid dilution of the circulating amount.

Metacade’s price forecast

Metacade has such incredible potential that MCADE’s price appreciation is likely to be very rapid. With release in 2023, user demand will cause MCADE to rise rapidly, and as a result, the price of MCADE could break through the $1 barrier by the end of the year.

With a roadmap showing a release schedule full of valuable additions in the coming years. Many investment groups are speculating that an $8 MCADE token by the end of 2025 would represent good value considering the project’s potential.

Corporate adoption for Polygon?

Polygon has built up a lot of momentum in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down despite the successful completion of The Merge, giving Ethereum a more scalable base on which to push forward.

Polygon also boasts some large ongoing corporate projects on the network, with Starbucks and Adidas conducting NFT-based experiments linked to MATIC.  Matic is focusing heavily on enterprise use cases, and as more companies dive into blockchain, it could benefit.

Polygon’s price forecast

Polygon’s price forecast depends mainly on the interest Polygon will be able to generate in the coming years and how quickly Web3 becomes mainstream.

2023 has already been difficult for much of the corporate world, so an increase to $2 for MATIC would be a big win. MATIC holders hope that 2025 will bring a stronger global economic environment, with MATIC able to reach $5 at that point with some big international partners on board.

Metacade is a potentially excellent investment opportunity

Although Polygon’s price forecast offers strong returns for an established project, it is clear that Metacade is the strongest investment choice for investors looking to maximize returns. Metacade’s focus on offering a wide range of games and revenue opportunities for its community will help it grow and gain even more value in the future.

With Metacade’s presale going strong right now, it is unlikely that this rare opportunity for what could be a perfect investment will be available for much longer.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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