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How to Use an Automated Crypto Arbitrage Strategy to Guarantee 150% APY


The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which primarily served the tech industry and venture capital firms, is the second largest bank failure in American history. Skyrocketing interest rates were a factor, as they were for Silvergate Bank, a leading crypto lender, which also served the tech sector, and just announced its liquidation.

In both cases, catastrophic risk mismanagement and post-Covid economic conditions that led to bank runs at a time when a lot of non-cash holdings were also being hit hard by the markets, had a major impact.

This latest financial disaster has left those with capital to invest understandably wary. In the current market, investors will gravitate towards a financial service provider that can serve as a responsible custodian and offer the same sizable, reliable passive profit, month after month, even in a market collapse.

By far, the best way to do this is with crypto arbitrage.

How Arbitrage Guarantees a Pre-set Profit?

Crypto arbitrage makes money from brief instances where a digital asset is available at different prices at the same time. These temporary price disparities arise all the time as a result of differences in trading volume and liquidity levels between bigger exchanges and smaller ones.

The frequency and consistency of price disparities, and the fact that they will emerge just as regularly, whichever direction the market is moving, means that automated arbitrage platforms can generate a steady profit that can be calculated ahead of time, depending on the size of the investment and the amount of time funds are held in an arbitrage account.

It works as follows: The automated algorithm can react to hundreds of arbitrage opportunities simultaneously, 24 hours a day, lightning fast. Integrated with multiple exchanges, it monitors all the digital assets they offer at once and the second it identifies a price difference, it buys the asset on the exchange with the lowest offered price and then instantly sells it on whichever exchange the price is highest to earn a profit.


Why Arbitrage Is the Safest Option for Investors

Both Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank collapsed for different reasons but what they had in common was their vulnerability to global economic and financial instability.

In contrast, crypto arbitrage is a great hedge against a downturn, because whether the market is bullish or bearish, profits remain stable. Therefore, risk is minimal since a sudden market collapse will not wipe out your capital.


Your funds are working hard from day one, so you are not waiting years to see a profit. Rather, you can place your money in a crypto arbitrage investment plan, and generate a return immediately, from day one. Profits are also predictable, and sizable, often well above 100% a year.


What Matters Most

In such a competitive landscape there are a number of crypto arbitrage platforms to choose from, but your top priority is an arbitrage platform that will serve as a reliable custodian of your assets, managing your assets skillfully and responsibly.

Probably the best-known, and most reputable service provider in the space is ArbiSmart, an automated arbitrage platform established in 2019.

Krypto-monitor the German news and analysis provider cited ArbiSmart as a leader in the security offensive and drive to restore faith in crypto in the aftermath of the FTX collapse. ArbiSmart is a non-leveraged, licensed EU authorized and registered financial services provider with a record for consistent profit generation, no history of security breaches, detailed company and accounting records, and adherence to the toughest regulatory standards, with user funds held separately from those of the company.


ArbiSmart supports 29 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies, providing investment plans, for a wide variety of time frames ranging from one month to five years. The platform generates consistent passive profits of up to 147% a year. The exact amount you earn from your arbitrage investment plan can be calculated ahead of time, and depends on the plan currency, the length of the contract and your account level.

ArbiSmart is one of many arbitrage providers in a highly competitive field. Whichever arbitrage platform you prefer, this increasingly popular form of investing involves close to zero risk, and guarantees generous, sizable passive profits, far higher than those offered by any bank,  whether the market is in a downturn or an upturn.

To ensure the security and steady growth of your capital, open an arbitrage account now!

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