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Polygon and Immutable accelerate crypto game development

Polygon has announced a new partnership with Ethereum’s Layer-2, Immutable, to launch Immutable zkEVM, the new platform for game developers in the crypto world…

Polygon and Immutable launch platform for crypto game developers

The two Layer-2s of Ethereum, Polygon and Immutable, join forces and launch Immutable zkEVM, the new platform dedicated to Web3 game developers. Here’s the announcement on crypto-lover social Twitter:

This is a real breakthrough in Blockchain-based gaming, with the use of ZK technology that will serve to accelerate the development of Web3 games.

The new platform is already available online and developers can already access documentation to begin integrating Immutable.

Polygon also stressed that this new partnership will simplify the decision-making process for developers, as well as offer a faster path from idea to game launch.

Polygon and Immutable zkEVM: an unprecedented game development experience on Ethereum

Immutable also announced the partnership on Twitter, showing an eye-catching video dedicated to the innovative Web3 Blockchain-based gaming step.

Immutable zkEVM will enable game developers to have an unprecedented build experience on Ethereum. 

Polygon (MATIC): crypto settles down after last week’s boom

Last week, Polygon (MATIC) experienced a continuous price pump that took it from $1.08 on Wednesday 15 March to $1.24 on Saturday 18 March. A real boom that made it the star of the week. 

And indeed, it appears that its commercial success is also due to the purchase of a major NFT collection from Klaytn, a network associated with one of South Korea’s largest trading groups, Lotte.

Not only that, in the same week, Polygon Labs also announced the launch of .polygon NFT domains for Web3, thanks to a partnership with Unstoppable Domains.

Too bad that these news did not push the crypto of the most popular Ethereum Level 2 blockchain any further. In fact, as early as Sunday, the price of the ninth largest crypto by market capitalization began to reset, falling to $1.09 in yesterday’s trading. Today MATIC is worth $1.14.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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