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How Collateral Network (COLT) is taking crypto lending to the next level


Decentralized Finance and web3 are all about the democratization of things once reserved for a certain set of wealthy elites.  Lenders like Aave have led the way for crypto lending and collateralisation.

Collateral Network is a web3 lending platform that plans to revolutionize lending by collateralising real world assets using NFTs.  Collateral Network has just begun its presale and tokens are for sale at $0.01, with analysts forecasting a 3500% price surge for the COLT token.


What are tokenized assets and how will the Collateral Network use them?

The Collateral Network is a challenger lender which offers the ability to receive loans backed by a physical asset, like a property, luxury watch or jewelry.  The assets are valued by experts and then when everything is agreed, the tangible things will be stored in a real life vault, and fractional NFTs will then be minted to represent them.

The Collateral Network will allow anyone to become a borrower or a crowdlender.  This means giving ordinary people with money a new way to invest and earn interest, whilst also providing access to money for anyone who needs liquidity fast, without leaving a record on their credit rating, making them jump through hoops or dealing with regulatory red tape.

Are tokenized assets new?

Tokenized assets are not entirely new, but the concept of tokenizing assets and trading them on a blockchain is a relatively new development.

The use of blockchain technology to tokenize assets has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the development of new blockchain platforms specifically designed to support tokenization.

The difference is that now lenders and borrowers can use NFTs and lending for their own benefits, cutting out the middleman of a bank, and instead paying low fees using COLT.   Furthermore, by adding fractionalisation, it means that there can be several crowdlenders for each asset on loan, and that ordinary people can diversify their portfolio by having shares in all kinds of goods that they normally might not have access to.


COLT utility and price predictions

As with most crypto projects, tokenomics and utility are of key importance, so what does the currency do?

The more COLT a borrower holds, the better interest rates and trading fees they can have and the better trading discounts they get.

COLT can be staked for passive income and can be used for voting rights, while presale COLT Token holders gain access to private auctions of distressed assets.

Crypto analysts who have taken a look at the market and the business model, are predicting a 35x gain, which if correct would mean that COLT has the potential to dethrone major players in the crypto space.

Find out more about the Collateral Network presale here:




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