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Looking for the Next Big Thing in Crypto? Check Out this Coin.


With two crypto-linked financial institutions, Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank collapsing in under a week, ETH gas prices have soared and stablecoins have been volatile, with USDC de-pegging. Crypto investors are understandably nervous that just as we start to come out of the extended  bear market that cast such a large shadow in 2022,  we could be seeing more instability in 2023.

As a result, coins with greater potential for stable, steady growth backing volatility-resistant projects offering a diverse range of value-added utilities will be leading the way moving forward. One such coin is RBIS, the native token powering the ArbiSmart project.

ArbiSmart’s EU authorized financial services ecosystem offers a range of bear-proof RBIS utilities designed to offer peak security and profitability in the year ahead.

An Interest-generating Wallet

ArbiSmart’s best-known utility is its FIAT and crypto wallet, which offers interest-generating savings plans, with contracts as short as 1 or 3 months and as long as 3 or 5 years. Profits are based on the contract length, the amount invested, and your account level. Your account status is based on how much RBIS you hold. The more you own, the better your interest-rate on savings plan balances in any of ArbiSmart’s 30 supported currencies.


Whichever direction the market is moving, you will still receive the same consistent interest rate, paid out on a daily basis, and the amount you earn can be calculated ahead of making a deposit. This makes the wallet a secure, stable choice for crypto owners regardless of market volatility.

Crypto and FIAT Purchases

Whenever you buy currency through the ArbiSmart dashboard you can pick from a range of discounts between 10% to 50%, with different conditions for each discount percentage.

You will get a higher discount, the more currency you buy and the longer the vesting period (the time until the funds are accessible for withdrawal). In some instances, you may also need to lock a specific amount of RBIS, alongside the purchased funds, until the vesting period is over.

If, for example, the market takes a dive and your ETH drops in value. You can buy the dip, based on a belief that the price will recover. You are already buying it cheaply and will get it even cheaper with an ArbiSmart exchange discount, so even if the price doesn’t bounce back, you can still earn a profit.

Equally, if you are buying ETH because the price is on an upward trajectory, by purchasing it at a significant discount, you can still make a profit on the transaction even if it doesn’t continue to go up in value.

So, let’s say you decide to buy €500 worth of Ethereum with a 30% discount. You only need to pay $350 on the transaction, though you will immediately be credited with the full €500 worth of ETH, which will become available for withdrawal at the end of the vesting period.


Crypto Sales

ArbiSmart guarantees triple the market price for the sale of any supported cryptocurrency  through the ArbiSmart dashboard, except for RBIS for which you get ten times the market price. To receive the higher rate, you need to abide by a minimum sale amount and a 24-month vesting period.

If, for example, you sell €1,000 worth of Bitcoin, your balance will be credited with €3,000, which you can withdraw the minute the 24-month vesting period ends. If, instead, you sell €1,000 worth of RBIS, your balance will be credited with €10,000, which can be withdrawn at the end of the vesting period.


If the crypto market tanks and the price of your Bitcoin suddenly drops, normally  by selling it you would lose money. However, with the ArbiSmart exchange you can prevent your BTC from losing further value and still make a profit on the sale.

More to Come

Accessible via an ArbiSmart platform interface, the DeFi protocol, coming in Q2 2023 will provide a new twist on staking by offer ing gamification features. This first-of-its-type decentralized yield farming protocol will enable you to boost your APY using exclusive ArbiSmart non-fungible tokens.

The one-of-a-kind collection of ArbiSmart NFTs will offer a valuable investment opportunity, while increasing your annual percentage yield from the DeFi protocol.

Q2 will also see the launch of an NFT marketplace, which will allow you to buy and sell all types of NFTs via smart contract through the ArbiSmart ecosystem.


All the services in the AriSmart ecosystem require use of RBIS and with the introduction of new utilities next quarter, demand will rise further and the finite token supply will continue to shrink. As demand outpaces supply, the price of RBIS is expected to shoot up , meaning major capital gains for token holders.

Get hold of this up-an-coming coin before the price takes off! Buy RBIS now!

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