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Chainlink and Big Eyes Coin Should Be Included in Every Portfolio


With decentralized finance, there is a whole new world to explore. The DeFi ecosystem is an interesting concept dedicated to closing the gap between the new and interesting world of cryptocurrency and the traditional and conventional financial systems that we all know. The DeFi projects offer users everything they might need, from loans to insurance. This might be the norm with traditional financial institutions, but it is quite groundbreaking for digital currencies.

The crypto market is incredibly vast, with a wide variety of options available. Not all the projects in the market have these financial services within them. This is what makes those who do it so valuable. When picking out crypto assets for their portfolios, investors are encouraged to look into DeFi projects to diversify their portfolios. With the numerous coins to look into and the growing number of things to look out for, it can be difficult to figure out which DeFi projects are worth looking into. Two DeFi crypto projects that should be studied extensively are Chainlink (LINK) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).


Big Eyes Coin

Chainlink (LINK): Providing Information

Chainlink was designed to facilitate blockchain networks’ seamless and secure interaction with external systems. The external systems range from data feeds to payment platforms and even events. The crypto platform ensures this is done through off-chain smart contract integration. Chainlink (LINK) is an open-source crypto project that works with a number of willing participants who act out different roles. Some of the roles within the blockchain network are data provision, node operations, security auditing, transaction validation, and smart contract development. Some investors become node operators to earn passive income from the platform.

Apart from the extra income, being a node operator is also one of the most important roles on the Chainlink (LINK) platform. Another means of earning big with the Chainlink (LINK) project would be by staking the native token, LINK. Although it is a fairly new development, staking on the platform will help improve the security of the crypto asset. Chainlink (LINK) is undoubtedly a highly successful crypto asset with two billion dollars in market capitalization. It is also a great testament to the benefits of DeFi in the crypto space. Analysts and experts encourage investing in crypto assets for handsome profits in the coming days.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Saving the World

While the crypto market is no stranger to new coins, no one could have predicted the amazing heights of success that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is going to reach. The crypto asset has broken records and set new standards for other coins to aspire to. Big Eyes (BIG) has done incredible things in the crypto market for a coin still in its presale stages. Many analysts and investors are on the edge of their seats, wondering what other spectacular things to expect from the coin. Big Eyes (BIG) broke from the norm when it decided to use a cat as its avatar rather than the dog that is commonplace for meme coins. The crypto asset is also interested in saving the world.

It has set aside 5% of its token to be donated to non-profit charitable organizations. The crypto asset is dedicated to keeping the water bodies free from pollution and the fish in the oceans. As fishes are the favorite meals of cats, the line of logic for its mascot can be traced. To keep the cats happy, there should be fish in the sea. To keep the fish in the sea, the water bodies must be free from pollution. To do that, the crypto asset is committed to funding organizations that dream the same as them. The charitable bent of the crypto asset has drawn environmentalists towards the coin.




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