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Dogecoin and Big Eyes Increasingly Irellevant for Investors – Avorak AI ICO Outpaces Meme Coins with +100% Increase


In the cryptocurrency world, trends come and go as quickly, with some coins skyrocketing in value and others fading into obscurity. Meme coins like Dogecoin and Big Eyes caught the attention of investors due to their social media presence and celebrity endorsements. However, the crypto market is very dynamic, and these coins lack real case uses and are quickly losing their relevance. Instead, emerging technologies like AI crypto are taking center stage, with projects like the Avorak AI ICO outpacing meme coins with an impressive increase of over 100%.


Dogecoin’s entry to the crypto space in 2013 brought fun to the accommodative sphere of DeFi. While mocking established cryptos like Bitcoin, Dogecoin came with a doge meme that spread across social media to become a powerhouse. In addition, DOGE’s endorsement by Snoop Dogg and Elon Musk in 2021 spiked the Dogecoin price to its all-time high. However, the recent announcement of Elon Musk backing AI crypto led to a 10% drop in Dogecoin price. Though it rose by 5% the past week, DOGE is 89% below its peak days. Analysts point to Dogecoin becoming less newsworthy as 81% of Dogecoin mentions on social media posts were neutral about DOGE.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes Coin is an emerging meme coin project boasting a unique cat-themed approach to the market. Running on the Ethereum blockchain, it has demonstrated its exciting ability to the crypto market through the essence of a meme coin. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) strives to revolutionize the meme coin landscape by integrating DeFi into its platform. Although it follows in the footsteps of meme coins like Shiba Inu (SHIB), it promises a lineup of innovative features. The Big Eyes Coin was down 7% in the past seven days, placing it way below its all-time high by 98%.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI integrates blockchain security with the intelligence of AI to develop AI crypto tools that revolutionize the DeFi space. It strives to simplify complex processes of voluminous market data analysis and image generation through its easy-to-use packaged solutions. Avorak AI is deploying trade bots, image, and text generators, and various solutions to give users an accurate, secure, and scalable platform that works 24/7 without fatigue and breaks. The AI tools eliminate human error and emotional biases in market analysis and profitable trades. The Avorak Trade bot is a valuable price monitoring and market analysis toolset to relieve traders of trading obstacles.

avorak ai

Avorak is in phase three of its running ICO with one AVRK priced at $0.145, having risen in value by 100+ %. YouTube crypto enthusiasts like Crypto Bape and Crypto Labs are awed by Avorak AI’s performance as they give a layout of what lies ahead by analyzing Avorak’s whitepaper. Potential AVRK  investors are rushing for a piece of the 8% bonuses before phase three closes on April 6.

Avorak AI is storming the content creation and image generation arena through its Avorak Write tool, which uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce high-quality plagiarism-free texts and images. Its user-defined and tailored parameters allow users to specify their preferred style and tone of what they want to generate.

avorak ai

Meme Coins Vs. Avorak AI

Meme coins ride on community endorsement and hype boosted by popular figures. Dogecoin and Big Eyes dominate the meme coin market, but with the rise of the Avorak AI ICO, these coins are becoming increasingly irrelevant for investors. The Avorak AI ICO has seen an impressive increase of over 100%, depicting that AI crypto is outpacing the growth of these meme coins.  Unlike meme coins, Avorak AI deploys artificial intelligence to deliver real-world solutions.


The meme coin craze may have taken the market by storm, but it’s prudent to remain vigilant and look for opportunities in other areas of the crypto space. Emerging utility projects like Avorak AI provides investors with real use cases rather than investing in hype-driven but volatile projects.

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