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Fantom (FTM) vs Ethereum (ETH), Collateral Network (COLT) Prepares for a Price Increase


Are you wondering what the differences are between Fantom (FTM) and Ethereum (ETH) and which one has long-term growth potential? If you are looking for a winning crypto project, you should read on to find out what Collateral Network is and why it’s expected to increase by 3,500% in the next quarter.


Fantom (FTM) vs Ethereum (ETH) – Which One Is the Winner?

Fantom is a third-generation blockchain that aims to address some of the issues plaguing Ethereum, such as high fees and programmability issues. While Ethereum is a second-generation blockchain, it is still one of the first few cryptocurrencies on the market and has a large community. Fantom was specifically created to address Ethereum’s problems, just like Ethereum was created to address the issues associated with Bitcoin.

In 2023, the competition between the two projects is set to steepen as Fantom announces developments for the year, focusing on gas subsidies, a new marketing plan, and gas monetization.

Although significantly down from its all-time highs, Fantom may recover this year. Its strong growth potential is based on a sturdy foundation, such as eco-friendliness, efficiency, and cost savings.

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Collateral Network Set to Increase as Early Investors Join the Presale

Collateral Network is a fresh project on the market, but a price increase is right around the corner as more and more investors flock to the platform to acquire their first tokens.

Collateral Network is a challenger lender which allows people borrow crypto from their belongings, such as luxury watches, jewelry, vehicles, real estate, or even fine wine. These physical assets are turned into asset-backed NFTs and fractionalizing it. This enables the people the opportunity to borrow against their assets but allows multiple people to help fund the loan.

Designed as a cheaper, more secure, and more affordable solution to traditional lending, Collateral Network allows anyone to become a fractional lender. Anyone who needs access to money can use their physical assets as collateral and turn them into cash. Collateral Network solves many issues in the lending industry, including transparency, liquidity, and flexibility as it provides a new way for investors to turn their assets into a passive source of income and allows individuals in need of money to get a loan without the hurdles of traditional banking, such as credit checks.

The platform uses its native currency, COLT, which is currently in the presale stages and is only $0.01. As it gains popularity and the project hits the market, crypto analysts expect the token to reach as high as $0.35, which is a 3,500% return for early investors. Apart from this, you can also generate income by trading your loan portfolio on the network’s secondary market, and you obtain governance rights as a COLT holder.

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If you’ve suffered due to the volatility of the crypto market, Collateral Network gives you a chance to offset your losses from other holdings. The real-world use cases of the platform are what makes it highly valuable for token holders, offering the opportunity to just about anyone to become a lender on the platform and generate passive income.

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