Dogecoin fights the bear market while news meme coin DigiToads gains huge traction
Dogecoin fights the bear market while news meme coin DigiToads gains huge traction

Dogecoin fights the bear market while news meme coin DigiToads gains huge traction

By Crypto Advertising - 30 Mar 2023

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During the last two weeks, there has been a period of market turbulence, with various digital currencies losing value. Dogecoin, too, has fought hard against the bear market. Meanwhile, DigiToads, a new meme coin, has surfaced and is rapidly gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency space.

In this article, we’ll examine Dogecoin’s present market situation and how it’s holding up against the bear market. We’ll also look more closely at the development of DigiToads and the factors contributing to its current popularity increase.

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Will Dogecoin (DOGE) Recover?

The well-known cryptocurrency Dogecoin, inspired by memes, has been fighting a losing struggle against the bear market for the last few months. Dogecoin is regarded as a dominant player in the cryptocurrency industry and is still very popular among its dedicated community. Due to its broad adoption as a form of payment, Dogecoin has maintained its relevance.

Dogecoin’s mainstream usage has increased as more shops and companies have begun to accept it as a valid payment method. The coin’s popularity on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit has also in the past contributed to its price increase.

But, as time passes, technology evolves, and more competitive meme coins appear, Dogecoin gradually loses momentum. Even though the coin has a committed fan base and a strong brand, it will still need to develop, adapt, or update its inflationary tokenomics to survive in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

Can DigiToads (TOADS) Outperform Dogecoin?

DigiToads (TOADS), a new ERC-20 meme coin, is rapidly gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world with its entertaining digital toads and community-first approach. The project also uses smart contracts to provide consumers with special functionality like staking.

But what exactly makes DigiToads so appealing? For one, it’s a fun, Web3 game that offers a unique and engaging gaming experience on the blockchain. The game is designed to reward the community in multiple ways, from on-chain trading competitions and in-game battles to meme contests, charity events, and lucky giveaways. All of these features come together to create a vibrant, active community excited about the project’s potential.

Each transaction on DigiToads has a 7% charge, of which 2% is handed to the NFT Staking Pool, 2% is burnt, and the remaining 3% is used for treasury and liquidity pool. This encourages owners to keep their tokens long, which might raise demand and scarcity.

With an audit and doxxed team and the burgeoning community on sites like Twitter and Telegram, the project has a strong feeling of legitimacy and trust among the supporters, which is frequently a crucial element in the success of meme currencies.

The Bottom Line

There are many ups and downs in the present cryptocurrency market. The new coin TOADS is swiftly gaining popularity and grabbing the attention of many cryptocurrency investors, while Dogecoin is still fighting the bear market. Will Dogecoin maintain its leading position, or will DigiToads come out top?

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