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It’s a Doge Eat Doge World: Meme Coins Takeover The Crypto Market: Dogetti, Love Hate Inu and Tamadoge


Some new dogs are on the block, and they’re all battling it out to be in the running to be Crypto’s Next Top Doge. But do Dogetti (DETI), Love Hate Inu (LHINU), and Tamadoge (TAMA) have what it takes to be marketable?


Dogetti: Welcome To The Family 

Dogetti has been trying to establish itself as the top Doge in crypto since its launch. The Dogetti family wants nothing more than to provide generational wealth for all family members, immediate and extended. The Dogetti Family has manufactured many ways to generate funds on the platform.

Once a transaction is made on the Dogetti platform, 2% is then redistributed back to token holders. That is, investors can earn additional income simply by keeping the Dogetti token in their accounts. Another 2% is then transferred to a charity wallet, where token holders can select which charity receives the funds. Another way in which Dogetti’s extended family members are able to make money is through the purchase and exchange of NFTs. These NFTs will take the form of digital doggy companions, and plans are in the works to allow these NFTs to breed, resulting in more NFTs and more income.

Purchasing $DETI is an easy process with a lot of benefits for the investor. Using bonus code DON50, buyers can get 50% extra $DETI with their original purchase. Dogetti has entered the second stage of the presale process and has already made over $600,000; it won’t be too long until they hit that million mark.

Love Hate Inu: For Questions That Need Answers

This brand-new meme token has lasting value in a blockchain-based voting system. This platform is secure, safe, and straightforward for voting on important issues. Users must stake funds in their accounts in order to participate and vote. The use of smart contracts protects the staking technique from bots and internet trolls, but voting is verifiable and anonymous.

Those who possess $LHINU tokens and are able to vote can also make decisions on the kinds of polls that will be presented on the platform. This gives the people of Love Hate Inu a say on what important issues are to be discussed on the site. 90% of the total supply of $LHINU will be distributed during the presale to allow those who wish to be a part of the process to invest heavily.


Tamadoge: The Feel Of 90s Video Game Nostalgia

Tamagotchis were virtual handheld pets that we had to feed, nurture, and care for as children in order for them to grow. A simpler era that evokes nostalgia in all those who are old enough to remember it. Tamadoge, a brand new doge meme coin and interactive virtual gaming world, aims to fill the void left by all of us who used to enjoy games like this.

Tamadoge lets users develop, produce offspring, and care for virtual pets while also competing against other NFT holders on the platform. The goal is to climb the leaderboard in order to earn Dogepoints, and those with the most Dogepoints have a chance to win money from a monthly Dogepool.

Tamadoge, like Tamagotchi, can become Tamaghosts if they are neglected. As a result, it is critical to care for the pets and assist them in growing. If properly cared for, they can be used to play a variety of Tamaverse games. Tamadoge aspires to be the next generation of play-to-earn platforms.


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