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Investors are bearish on KuCoin Token and BNB. While DigiToads showing bullish signs after selling out stage 1 of the presale


The ghosts of the past year’s scandals continued to haunt many crypto projects well into 2023. Three months into the year, popular crypto options like KuCoin and Binance Coin are still struggling to regain the hold they had over the market. Given the fears that both KuCoin and Binance Coin might be inching closer to a bearish phase, crypto users are now looking for more credible crypto options. Amidst the deviation in users’ interest, innovative projects like DigiToads have been making a splash in the market with their next-generation technology. Powered by Ethereum, DigiToads is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency that combines the features of a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem and a meme coin.

Why is DigiToads worth the hype?

DigiToads is a unique crypto project that offers you the benefits of a meme coin and a play-to-earn vertical in a single platform. You can take advantage of the interactive gaming interface of its play-to-earn vertical while minting new gains with its utility token. As a beginner cryptocurrency, it gets brownie points for making crypto trading seamless and so lucrative with its dynamic model. Its native token TOAD will facilitate all transactional purposes on the network. The token will be made available for sale to the public through a 10-stage presale process.

The platform’s governance structure is based on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model and the community members and their welfare are the focus areas. The team has designed a thriving model wherein members are incentivized to participate. For instance, TOAD Token holders are eligible for monthly rewards that are doled out from a prize pool. For this prize pool, the team will be allocating 10% of the funds raised in the project.

Coming to arguably the most exciting feature of the platform – the play-to-earn vertical. DigiToads is an interactive Web 3.0 game wherein players have to compete with each other with the help of digital creatures. Called DigiToads, these creatures come with special abilities that a player can use to their advantage. To improve their chances of winning in the game, players can buy training equipment, food, and potions for their DigiToad with their TOAD tokens. Each game season lasts for a month. Once the season ends, 25% of the players with the highest scores are declared winners and bag TOAD Tokens as a prize.

The platform will be setting aside 2% of its profits for donations to charitable organizations working to preserve rainforests.

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KuCoin might be headed toward bearish territory

KuCoin is a leading decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like non-fungible tokens. Its native token KCS is used for meeting all kinds of transactional obligations on the network. With over 27 million users globally, KuCoin has more than 750 crypto tokens listed on its exchange. Through the KuCoin Academy, users can access open-source resources to learn about trading strategies. Despite its popularity, the shadow of a bearish phase looms over the KCS Token. Market analysts are afraid it might be impacted by negative price action.

BNB might face a bearish phase

Binance Coin or BNB is the exchange token rolled out by Binance for its cryptocurrency exchange. BNB holders are eligible for special discounts on exchange fees when they access the portal through their Binance accounts. The simple move ensures that any increase in the BNB Token demand results in an uptick in Binance’s exchange services. There are various benefits that BNB holders can access by pairing the token with their Binance accounts. For instance, users can turn non-tradeable amounts of different cryptocurrencies in their Binance account into BNB tokens. Also, while conducting its Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), Binance determines lottery allocations based on BNB Tokens held by its users. As per analysts, the Binance Coin is expected to see negative price action and enter a bearish phase in the near future.


Keeping in mind both market trends and crypto users’ choices, DigiToads ends up being a better option than both KuCoin and Binance Coin. What makes it one of the best cryptocurrency ICOs to be launched in recent times is its dynamic economic model. Its combined functionality gives it an unmistakable edge over traditional cryptocurrencies. Plus, its potential for long-term growth is another factor that works in its favour. If cryptocurrency analysts are to be believed, it has the potential to grow by 50x over time.


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