This New Arbitrage Feature Will X3 Your Profits in Just 24 Hours
This New Arbitrage Feature Will X3 Your Profits in Just 24 Hours

This New Arbitrage Feature Will X3 Your Profits in Just 24 Hours

By Crypto Advertising - 11 Apr 2023

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Arbitrage has been around forever and is a popular strategy due to its low level of risk and steady returns. Now, however, there is a way to perform arbitrage that is faster, simpler, and more profitable than ever.

What Is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a financial term that refers to a strategy for exploiting price differences between two or more markets. Put simply, arbitrage is the process of buying an asset in one market and then selling it in another market at a higher price, to profit from the value difference.

For example, let’s say that Stock A is trading at $50 on the FTSE and simultaneously, it is trading at $60 on the NASDAQ. An arbitrageur could purchase the stock on the FTSE for $50 and then sell it straight away on the NASDAQ, for $60 and make a $10 per share in profit.


How Can You Triple Your Crypto with Arbitrage?

A first-of-its-kind new feature has been introduced by ArbiSmart, a popular financial investment platform, the Crypto Sale Function.

Using the sale function,you receive three times the price (200% above market value) on the sale of any of the 25 cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, except for ArbiSmart’s native token RBIS, on which you will receive ten times the price (900% above the market value).


All cryptocurrencies are sold into Euro, except for RBIS, which can be sold into either Euro or USDT.

Many people are taking advantage of this feature to perform arbitrage, buying their preferred currency on another exchanging then selling it via the ArbiSmart platform for triple the price.

What You Need to Do

Step 1: Buy cryptocurrency via the exchange of your choice.

Step 2: Deposit the purchased cryptocurrency with ArbiSmart.

Step 3:  Go to the Sell Crypto page in the dashboard and sell the crypto for 3X the market value.

arbismart arbismart

What’s the Catch?

There’s always a catch and it’s good to know going in what to expect.  With ArbiSmart, you must meet two specific conditions to be eligible to receive the higher rate on your crypto. These include a minimum sale amount that is different for each cryptocurrency, and a 24-month vesting period, during which the sold funds cannot be accessed.

arbismart arbismart

For example, if you choose to sell €1,000 worth of Ethereum, your ArbiSmart balance will immediately be credited with €3,000, however it will only become eligible for withdrawal once the 24-month vesting period is complete.

Of course, if instead of ETH, you choose to sell RBIS, you will be credited with €10K, which will become accessible 24 months later.


While you must wait two years to access the funds, you can consider it a little like an interest savings plan in that you are investing the capital for x3 profit. You get a GUARANTEED return without having to do predictive analysis and try and guess the future viability of your BTC, DOGE and APE.

Imagine your capital were in a cryptocurrency that experienced a sudden drop to half its value, unfortunately not an uncommon event in such a highly volatile market.  Normally, by selling you would prevent it from losing further value, but you would suffer a 50% loss. However, when you use the ArbiSmart sale reward function you will actually be profiting from a sale that would otherwise have resulted in a loss of funds.

Want to triple your crypto capital in a matter of minutes? Give arbitrage a try!

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