Try the World’s Leading Crypto Copy-Trading Co-Pilot Platform for Just $1 per day
Try the World’s Leading Crypto Copy-Trading Co-Pilot Platform for Just $1 per day

Try the World’s Leading Crypto Copy-Trading Co-Pilot Platform for Just $1 per day

By Crypto Advertising - 13 Apr 2023

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ProfitFarmers, the all-in-one crypto copy-trading platform, is celebrating the delivery of 3 years of amazing results for traders in the cryptocurrency space, and now you can get a 21 day trial to all of their professional services for just $21. This is one of those rare offers where you should actually pay attention, here’s why…

Cryptocurrency trading is known for its massive price swings where coins can pump +50%-100% in a matter of hours. Millionaires are made overnight, you’ve seen it in the news no doubt.

But there’s a problem (or two, or three).

It’s complicated, it’s time consuming and it’s risky. At least.. it used to be.

ProfitFarmers acts as your trading co-pilot, helping you navigate your way through the crypto confusion and hone in on finding excellent, profitable trades. The platform provides trading signals that can tell you exactly which coins to buy, at what price and where to sell them.

But that’s not all.

Smart trading automations allow you to semi-automate almost all aspects of your daily trading. Once you get a signal, all you do is customize it and hit ‘complete trade’. The platform then takes care of the buying and selling whilst you get back on with your day. It’s perfect for people who can’t sit and stare at the charts for hours on end doing analysis (and for people who don’t even know how to use price charts).

On top of that they offer a complete training solution, entirely for free, so that you can learn how to use their Risk:Reward features to quickly craft professional grade trades with a few clicks of a button. These features are designed to keep you safe and make sure you only make trades that are statistically profitable in the long run.

If that’s not enough you can also join other ProfitFarmers in the live trading community to get hands on help, educational webinars and live streams.

Problems solved!

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Does it Work?

They sport a Trustpilot rating of 4.3, along with full case studies and video interviews with existing Profitfarmes users so it looks like the vast majority of people are having a good time.

If you prefer your proof in the form of numbers, data from 5158 completed trading signals looks like this:

  • Target 1️ – 78% strike rate
  • Target 2️ – 55% strike rate
  • Target 3️ – 32% strike rate
  • Target 4️ – 20% strike rate

Any good trader can tell you that these are outstanding results, with win rates high enough that even people with no experience could be making some great trades. If a cryptocurrency bull run is just around the corner, you can be sure that a platform like this will be a very clever way of making sure you don’t miss out on any of those potential gains.

ProfitFarmers analysts were also one of the few trading groups to correctly predict the current bullish crypto explosion all the way back in October 2022 so it’s fair to say that this is a trading platform with a serious track record of success, and now you can enjoy a 21 day trial of the ProfitFarmers platform, including all PRO features and trading signals, for just $21. Click the link to learn more.

*This article was paid for. Cryptonomist did not write the article or test the platform.

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