5 Top Altcoin Investments of April 2023
5 Top Altcoin Investments of April 2023

5 Top Altcoin Investments of April 2023

By Crypto Advertising - 17 Apr 2023

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With so many new altcoins hitting the crypto market every day, it’s hard to keep up with all the emerging ventures and evaluate which newcomer is worth investing in, while also monitoring which better- established coins have been living up to their early promise.

In this article we’ll look at some up-and-coming altcoins, in no particular order that give every indication of becoming the next Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, or Dogecoin. The only difference is, with these coins, there is still time to get in on the ground floor before they shoot up.

Currently at the token presale stage, going for just $0.025 USDT, DeeLance’s developers intend to bring freelancers and recruiters into the Web 3 decentralized space, and enable payments in crypto.


Via the recruitment platform, buyers and  sellers benefit from low costs and transparency. Secure escrow accounts protect payments, and through the conversion of the freelance projects into NFTs freelancers are shielded against fraud and copyright infringement. Meanwhile, for the recruiter, content ownership is protected.

With a strong, unique utility and growing buzz, DeeLance is one fresh newcomer to watch.

A little longer-established, Lucky Block hit the scene in January 2022, as a lottery project. It is now introducing an online casino that allows players to play slots, video poker and table games, while supporting gambling on sports and esports events. It accepts payments in both  FIAT and crypto and intends to accept LBLOCK tokens for gambling.


Crypto gambling remains an exceptionally popular area of interest and early signs indicate that Lucky Block’s luck has a strong chance of holding.

  • Cosmos (ATOM) Blockchain Interoperability

Launched in 2019, Cosmos has been attacking the challenges facing the blockchain, head-on. By creating a network of interconnected blockchains, data and assets can be transferred with ease. Cosmos is currently growing and expanding its network, enabling users to create their own blockchains within the network, using the project’s SDK toolkit.


The ability to boost scalability and enable interoperability across blockchains, makes Cosmos a promising altcoin to invest in this spring.

  • EcoTerra ($ECOTERRA) Recycling and Sustainability

A fresh arrival to the crypto sphere, EcoTerra is another altcoin in the presale stage. It offers companies and individuals cryptocurrency token rewards for recycling and offsetting their carbon footprint, through Ecoterra’s carbon-offsetting marketplace. The $ECOTERRA earned can be staked to earn a passive profit or spent on sustainable activities like ocean cleanups or climate education.


At a time when the climate is in crisis, and the crypto world is under a microscope for its energy consumption, this is a great way to make a green investment with a potentially highly profitable altcoin.

  • ArbiSmart (RBIS) Crypto Investment Services

Last, but far from least on our list is ArbiSmart. Established in 2019, this EU authorized investment platform has been building an excellent reputation for stability and security. Users can generate passive profits with a range of investment services, including high-interest wallet savings plans, crypto arbitrage, and a new exchange service with some unique features that enable users to get preferential rates on purchases and sales.


In the coming quarter, ArbiSmart is also introducing an NFT marketplace and a DeFi protocol offering yield farming, with first-of-its-type gamification features that will enable users to boost yields using ArbiSmart NFTs.

This combination of reliability and innovation with the news utilities on the way make ArbiSmart a great choice for altcoin investors in Q2, as it looks like the token is set to explode.

Altcoins can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and become early adopters, with projects that offer exciting new utilities and fresh ways to expand blockchain capabilities and usage.  Don’t miss out on the next Bitcoin!

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