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3 Reasons This Coin Is the Best Crypto Investment of Q2 2023


New altcoins enter the market all the time and picking a winner can be challenging. There are various criteria that a coin needs to meet to be a viable nvestment and one up-and-comer in particular ticks all the boxes. RBIS is the native token of the ArbiSmart project, a financial investment hub that has been slowly but steadily, gaining traction and is expected to soar in value in H2 2023.

Here’s why:

One of the most important criteria, when choosing a crypto investment opportunity, is viability. The project must have a strong, well-defined purpose, a solid development team, and a clear roadmap for future growth.

The ArbiSmart platform offers a range of valuable, revenue-generating utilities. These include a yield bearing wallet, offering secure staking, with industry-high passive profits of up to 49% a year.

The ArbiSmart ecosystem also offers automated crypto arbitrage, as well as exchange services, with a variety of  innovative features that enable users to enjoy preferential rates every time they buy or sell 30 different supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

The development is keeping up the pace with a stream of new utilities scheduled for launch later this quarter and in H2 2023.


  • Security and Transparency 

Another critical factor to consider when picking an altcoin investment is whether the project is secure and has not been hacked or compromised in the past. Transparency is also important, as it ensures that the project is open and honest about its operations, financials and development progress.

Here too, ArbiSmart excels. Since it was established in early 2019, the EU authorized and registered platform has not experienced a single breach. It has implemented tough risk management protocols and complies with strict requirements that include maintaining a secure, functional platform and software, separating company and client bank accounts, offering thorough client capital protection and holding sufficient operational capital to cover all client funds. In addition, as an FCIS authorizations holder it has a KYC team to ensure compliance with all AML/KYC procedures.


  • Technology and Innovation

Last, but far from least, the technology behind the best investment opportunities is innovative, with the potential to solve real-world problems or disrupt traditional industries. The project must offer unique features, functionality, or applications that differentiate them from other projects in the market.

ArbiSmart is constantly innovating, such as with the recently introduced, exchange tools, unlike anything else on the market that enable platform users to buy crypto and FIAT with discounts of up to 50% or sell crypto for three times the market value.

Also, later this quarter ArbiSmart will introducing a range of new utilities, including an NFT marketplace and a decentralized protocol offering yield farmers first-of-their-kind gamification features that let them increase their profits through the use of exclusive ArbiSmart NFTs.

ArbiSmart users can benefit from secure crypto storage, staking, exchange, and purchase, as well as the potential for huge capital gains on the rising value of RBIS, which has a finite token supply. Demand is going to be driven higher in the coming months with the launch of new utilities, so get in on the ground floor. Buy RBIS now!

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