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Boom in interest in ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Switzerland

Interest in ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to have boomed in Switzerland. This is revealed by Linkdelta’s study that also showed a 3700% increase in Google searches related to the OpenAI project. 

The canton of Ticino ranks 18th in ChatGPT and AI interest

Linkdelta, a leading generative artificial intelligence company, published its own report analyzing usage and interest in ChatGPT and AI in Switzerland. 

From the findings, the canton of Ticino ranks 18th in terms of interest in the OpenAI project, with a score of 53. 

Leading this Swiss ranking are the three cantons of Geneva, Zurich and Basel, which ranked on the podium with 100, 93 and 91 points, respectively. 

The report states that the use of and interest in AI technology is growing steadily in the territory. 

Not only that, there was an impressive 3700% increase in Google searches related to ChatGPT in Switzerland, ranking the platform as the most searched topic in the last 12 months. 

These data show that ChatGPT and AI are the most discussed topics, so much so that they far surpassed searches related to the World Cup and iPhone 14

Interest in ChatGPT and AI in Switzerland reveals its involvement in digital transformation

Hence, there appears to be interest in ChatGPT and all AI projects in Switzerland that, in a sense, are revolutionizing the way people and companies interact with machines, enabling smooth and natural conversations.

Not only that, the adoption of this technology in Switzerland could open up new opportunities for the development of digital services, process automation and resource optimization.

In this regard, Linkdelta CEO Angelo Sorbello said as follows:

“We are thrilled to observe how ChatGPT has become a topic of great interest in Switzerland. The results of our report show that the Swiss population is increasingly involved in digital transformation and curious about the potential of artificial intelligence.”

The research conducted by Linkdelta provides an analysis of ChatGPT interest and usage in Switzerland, offering valuable insights for companies and industry experts who wish to better understand technology trends in the country.

AI crypto projects

Last month, Tradingbrowser had revealed how the Artificial Intelligence boom with ChatGPT had also created a whole new category in the cryptocurrency industry: AI crypto projects

Despite increases in Google searches both in Switzerland and globally, the price of these AI crypto assets appears not to be following the same trend. This is precisely why it had been claimed that “AI cryptocurrencies were at a discount.” 

Looking at the current price graphs, the situation of AI crypto assets compared to last month does not seem to have changed dramatically. 

And indeed, the price of The Graph (GRT) has remained at $0.14, Fetch.ai (FET) has dropped from $0.40 last month to $0.34 today. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) rose from $0.35 to the current $0.37, also touching $0.44 on 19 April. 

SingularityNET (AGIX), on the other hand, has dropped in price. Last month AGIX was worth $0.42; whereas today it is priced at $0.35.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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