introduces Amy: the first AI companion for crypto users introduces Amy: the first AI companion for crypto users
AI introduces Amy: the first AI companion for crypto users

By Crypto Advertising - 3 May 2023

Chevron down has announced Amy, the crypto exchange’s first artificial intelligence (AI) companion dedicated to helping users with crypto. 

The pilot is in beta and is currently available to select users only. dives into AI with the unveiling of Amy

The crypto exchange has unveiled Amy, the new and first AI companion that can help users learn about the cryptocurrency industry with near real-time information. 

Essentially, Amy is’s new beta pilot project that aims to be a cryptocurrency expert resource for the average user, based on deep learning and data, to help seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. 

In fact, Amy will provide near real-time information on specific tokens and projects, as well as details on prices and historical events.

The technology behind Amy is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but is further trained with case examples to provide more accurate and relevant results for users.

Currently, Amy is available to select users when they use Access to Amy will be gradually expanded to more users in the coming weeks. Experiments with Amy to Expand into AI Sector

In essence, is experimenting with Amy primarily to gather information so that it can expand into the AI sector more broadly and with new features. 

In fact, among other possibilities, the crypto exchange is already making it known that Amy will soon be introduced into other experiences, including within its app.

Abhi Bisarya, EVP, Product at said:

“As with other businesses and sectors, we see incredible potential and opportunity in the convergence of AI with the crypto industry and our platform specifically,” said Abhi Bisarya, EVP, Product at “We are excited to be testing this emerging technology through our Amy pilot project. We are bullish on the innovation of AI in crypto, and we look forward to continuing to enhance the utility of Amy and deploy additional AI-powered capabilities.”

Kris Marszalek, CEO of, also left his own comment on the matter:

“Building the ecosystem has been a priority focus for from the start,” said Kris Marszalek, Chief Executive Officer of “We double downed on our commitments to building and responsible innovation, and Amy is the latest example of our incredible momentum.”

CRO Price in Bullish Trend

The cryptocurrency exchange token, Cronos (CRO) is now in 33rd position by market capitalization with a price of $0.07

A totally bullish trend of CRO in 2023. And indeed, on New Year’s Eve, the price of CRO was $ 0.056, registering a pump of +57% until February 21st. Immediately after that, however, the price of CRO began to fall, reaching -30% by March 10. 

Since then, the price of CRO has risen again and has been hovering around the price of $0.07

If you look at the chart of the last 24 hours, the time when Amy was announced, CRO is at a 2% pump.

Matt Damon and the revelation of the famous “Fortune Favors The Brave” ad

Recently, Hollywood actor Matt Damon, star of’s famous “Fortune Favors the Brave” commercial, revealed his motivations for accepting the crypto exchange’s offer. 

In essence, Damon would receive up to $1 million from to fund his initiative, which is dedicated to increasing access to clean water worldwide by providing small loans to finance the purchase and installation of taps and toilets. 

Damon explained that his foundation was in dire financial straits and that his appearance in the commercial was intended to raise funds

At the time, the commercial sparked criticism because the slogan “Fortune favors the bold” refers to crypto investors and compares them to figures in history who have marked human evolution. Damon, of course, was also caught up in the criticism, given his role in the ad as a crypto influencer.

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