Looking for The Next Big Thing in Crypto? Look No Further Than DigiToads and Binance Coin
Looking for The Next Big Thing in Crypto? Look No Further Than DigiToads and Binance Coin

Looking for The Next Big Thing in Crypto? Look No Further Than DigiToads and Binance Coin

By Crypto Advertising - 18 May 2023

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As a cryptocurrency investor, it is common to keep searching the market for new coins that have the potential to make you the most profit. If you are in the market for coins with potential, DigiToads and Binance Coin are some of the coins you should consider.

In this post, we will dig deeper into what these two coins are, and why you should consider adding them to your investment portfolio.

Why DigiToads?

DigiToads is a new meme coin with a difference. Having real utilities that sets itself apart from others in the world of meme coins. The team behind DigiToads has created a cryptocurrency token known as $TOADS that, unlike most other meme coins, has a lot of useful features.

One of the best features of the DigiToads ecosystem is the play-to-earn game that allows players to own digital pets known as DigiToads. The way this works is that players get toads by collecting them, buying them, or winning them in competitions. Each player then nurtures their toads and battles them in monthly competitions.

Nurturing your toads involves purchasing different items that give your Toads different powers and abilities. After the competitions are over, 50% of the money collected from in-game purchases is used to reward the top 25% of players. This helps to keep players motivated and to encourage them to sharpen their skills.

Lets look af DigiToads’  Platinum Toads. This feature is meant to incentivize traders to become better market participants. The top traders are rewarded with Platinum Toads which gives them access to 10% of the profits from the DigiToads ecosystem. There will be 12 Platinum Toads available each year.

Traders on the DigiToads platform also get to enjoy comprehensive courses on trading. This way, traders have a chance to increase their trading knowledge these courses will be available at the Toads School and they will prepare participants with valuable skills they can use on the soon-to-launch DigiToads DEX and Trading post.

Although there is a lot of profit to be made from the DigiToads ecosystem, it’s not just about winning competitions and making passive income. DigiToads is also focused on making a real-world impact. 2.5% of the profit from all TOADS transactions will towards charities that help with the preservation of the natural habitats of toads in the Amazon rainforest.

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Binance Coin is a Great Investment

Binance coin is the official token of the Binance smart chain, the blockchain that supports the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Binance coin was initially developed as an ERC-20 token in 2017, but it was later rebranded as the native coin of the Binance smart chain.

Binance coin has several use cases within the Binance ecosystem. For example, it is used to pay for transactions on the Binance exchange. Users can receive discounts on trading fees by using BNB when making transactions. Additionally, BNB is used as a trading pair for other cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange. This makes it easy for traders to directly exchange their cryptocurrencies with the BNB coin. 

In addition to being used on the Binance exchange, BNB is also used to access other products and services offered by Binance such as the Binance launch pad and the Binance DEX. Binance launch pad is a platform created for launching new cryptocurrency projects while Binance DEX is the decentralized exchange of the Binance ecosystem.

Final Word

Binance coin is one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrencies. The coin has been making profits for its investors ever since it was launched in 2017, and all signs indicate that this will continue to be the case moving forward. However, DigiToads is proving to be a much better alternative because of its potential for growth as a utility-laden meme coin.

As an investor looking to make the most profit, DigiToads offers you a great chance to reach your goal because of its low presale price and potential for growth in the coming months.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates. 

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