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The Future Of NFTs: Decentraland, The Sandbox and DogeMiyagi Are Evolving the Landscape


Last week the Coin Republic released its weekly observations on the Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, suggesting that it’s seen a 31% rise in the market. Considering the increase in NFT profitability, this article is going to look into the history and definition of NFT terminology and three of the top NFT crypto projects in the market and on the rise; Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND) and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI)

What Is This NFT Thing?

NFTs might sound like American football terminology, but they refer to ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’. An NFT is a digital financial token that cannot be replaced without losing value. Many other forms of currency can be replaced and still hold that value; NFTs are a form of finance based on a native coin with a unique identifier. This digital asset can come in many forms, from photos, videos, audio files, artwork, comic books, sports collectables, and trading cards. The list goes on.  

The Birth Of NFTs

It would be great if there were a precise linear time frame for the birth of NFTs, but as with anything, the creation of this concept came in stages. You could pinpoint the start of NFTs in 2012 when Bitcoin released coloured coins, which led to the further evolution of digital tokens. Most NFT fans suggest the beginning was in 2017 when the Ethereum blockchain was founded. The Ethereum blockchain network freed up previous limitations to innovation, and NFTs projects became more frequent. 

NFTime Travel 

Since the introduction of NFTs into the market, there have been endless suggestions about the scope and potential of this type of digital token. Industry analysts say it could revolutionize how we interact with digital currency and even how people interact with the gaming industries. Play to Earn (P2E) is not a new concept, but NFT’s potential in the metaverse and gaming industries could be the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

Decentraland MANA-Mania 

The first example of a great NFT is from Decentraland, a digital game that has created a digital three-dimensional crypto platform. This Ethereum-based virtual reality world platform combines virtual and augmented reality to develop a unique NFT experience. Its native coin MANA has shown that an NFT can compete with other established digital currencies. 

Breaking Out Of The Sandbox 

The second choice for the future of NFTs is from another Ethereum-based decentralized gaming metaverse The Sandbox. This platform helps to enable those new to online gaming and crypto to get involved and own a little piece of NFT virtual reality. The metaverse token SAND helps facilitate this Sandbox NFT marketplace in a perfect example of future exchanges. 

DogeMiyagi Mastering NFTs

The last NFT project choice is from DogeMiyagi, the new meme coin enjoying a successful presale. This martial artist, meme token canine, is based on the 80s Karate kid character Mr Miyagi, and this nostalgia has helped to increase a growing crypto community around the developing project. 

The two things pinpointing a crypto project as having NFT potential are a quality exchange and an enticing NFT offering. Uniswap fuels the DogeMiyagi Killer Swap Machine and promises to be a fast and secure platform. One NFT that sticks out in the DogeMiyagi development offering is the puppy NFT, which grows in strength and wealth the longer you hold it and depends on how the community grows with it!

There are some fantastic NFTs out there, but with so many evolving platforms, it can be challenging to differentiate between them; however, with projects like DogeMiyagi, it’s easy to know which has a brighter future. Although Decentraland and Sandbox have established communities, projects like DogeMiyagi have aimed to create a dynamic, responsive ecosystem of like-minded financial martial artists!

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