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The best trending crypto assets with the most potential on Uniswap

In this article we look at some of the cryptocurrencies that are trending the most on Uniswap, particularly memecoins and utility tokens.

Which crypto assets are gaining increasing popularity in the market? Is it worthwhile to make altcoin purchases at such a sensitive time in the market?

All the details below.

The most popular meme-based crypto assets on Uniswap

Let’s start with the review of the most in vogue memecoins on Uniswap by talking about Wagmi (WAGMI) whose name represents an abbreviation of the phrase ” We Are All Gonna Make It”

The token symbolizes the enthusiasm and unwavering emotional strength of the crypto community and for this reason could be taken in sympathy by degen traders in the DeFi world.

WAGMI has a capitalization of only $5 million and a circulating supply that coincides with its maximum available limit, hence technically no new tokens should be minted.

In the past 24 hours, the crypto has climbed more than 20% and may continue on this path in the coming hours

uniswap crypto
WAGMI price chart

Let’s now turn to a crypto that was inspired by the famous internet meme Wojak, a cartoon drawing with black outlines of a bald man with a melancholy expression, also known as Fells Guy.

We’re talking about crypto Copium (COPIUM), which in its community represents the relentless resilience of crypto traders, who despite suffering losses during bear markets, always manage to bounce back.

COPIUM symbolizes emotional investment awareness and the importance of an operational strategy to apply to trading.

The token also capitalizes about $5 million, with a circulating supply equal to the total supply. The volume in the last 24 hours has been higher than the project’s marketcap, synonymous that there is interest in speculating on COPIUM at this time.

From 21 May to today the crypto has risen more than 50% and being a project with a micro capitalization it could easily grow if whales show up to buy on Uniswap.

uniswap crypto
COPIUM price chart

Finally, mention should be made of the interesting crypto Turbo (TURBO), a memecoin created by digital artist Rhett Mankind through the AI ChatGPT platform.

It differs from other tokens that echo famous internet memes or symbolize virtues inherent in crypto communities precisely because it was created with artificial intelligence software.

TURBO capitalizes $25 million and has a max supply coincident with the circulating supply.

The token has been going through a prolonged bearish phase in recent days, but it is worth keeping an eye on for possible rebounds and upward restarts.

uniswap crypto
TURBO price chart

Utility token presale: which crypto assets will quickly trend on Uniswap

Let’s now move on to the analysis of 3 crypto assets that present utility tokens within their projects, which are currently being sold via presale and could easily trend on Uniswap as soon as they are listed: we are talking about AIDOGE, ECOTERRA and LPX.

Starting with AIDOGE, which may look like a memecoin at first glance, presents an innovative project with a utility case that integrates blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

The token powers a meme creation platform where creators can be rewarded if their content goes viral within the community.

AIDOGE represents the token with which users can take advantage of the AI software as well as the currency used as a reward for prominent meme creators.

At the moment the crypto is still in a presale stage, but it could become trending once it is listed on Uniswap.

Another crypto whose sale is taking place via presale is Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), a utility token that combines blockchain with environmental activism.

The project features a “recycle-to-earn” model that attracts users to take sustainable actions for the globe given the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

Through a dedicated mobile app, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to the environment and be rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens.

The platform has been audited by Certik and the project team has formed numerous partnerships with a number of organizations concerned with environmental sustainability.

Currently more than $4 million has been raised for the token launch, which can be purchased right now at a price of $0.00925.

Finally, the last crypto worth mentioning is Launchpad XYZ (LPX), which is part of a unique project that attempts to take full advantage of the trend of Web3 technologies.

Launchpad XYZ’s platform helps users discover emerging assets before they explode. 

In fact, on the project’s website the first thing that stands out is the slogan “find the next $PEPE before it explodes.”

Using in-depth data-driven analysis, the project can predict market sentiment, assess fundamentals, and identify industry trends.

LPX is also at a stage where buying is only possible via presale, but as soon as it is listed on Uniswap there could easily be a token price pump.

At the moment the crypto is priced at $0.046, but it is expected to increase based on the number of capital raised, which amounts to $580,000 for now.

Is it worth buying altcoins right now?

In this article we presented a number of crypto assets with potential behind them that could see their value grow on decentralized platforms such as Uniswap.

However, all the talk we have given must be subject to the macroeconomic conditions of the financial markets, the performance of BTC, and the situation of the altcoin industry.

Unfortunately, all crypto assets with high potential and market capitalizations of less than a billion dollars present a very high risk being seen in their primordial era exclusively as speculative assets.

In situations where there is talk of a possible US default with a US debt ceiling crisis, and where in the crypto sector trading volumes are at multi-year lows, perhaps overbalancing on the altcoin side could be the wrong choice.

In addition, there is the fact that BTC dominance is in a bullish phase, which corresponds to a momentum in which liquidity is flowing out of coin alternatives and into Bitcoin.

When BTC dominance is declining, especially when it breaks the 60-week moving average to the downside, then we may more calmly plan entries on altcoins.

Bitcoin dominance chart

Investors see meme-based crypto assets and utility tokens not yet established in the market as too risky, hence there is a need to be careful.

Devoting a very small part of one’s portfolio to this kind of speculative activity makes sense and is probably the wise thing to do.

However, being heavily exposed or, worse yet, going all-in on some token of which one does not yet have an extensive history, is pure madness.

Be careful traders, and always do your research

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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