Crypto Predictions 2023: InQubeta (QUBE) Will Achieve a Prodigious Growth While Fantom (FTM) Will Lose Ground
Crypto Predictions 2023: InQubeta (QUBE) Will Achieve a Prodigious Growth While Fantom (FTM) Will Lose Ground

Crypto Predictions 2023: InQubeta (QUBE) Will Achieve a Prodigious Growth While Fantom (FTM) Will Lose Ground

By Crypto Advertising - 29 May 2023

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Following the inception of Bitcoin (BTC), the crypto market has been regarded as the best chance for making massive profits. Numerous cryptocurrencies are launched daily, but only a few introduce notable innovations that can revolutionize the crypto space. One of these cryptocurrencies is InQubeta (QUBE), the first in the AI-crypto merge.

InQubeta utilizes the power of blockchain and smart contracts to create a more transparent and secure investment ecosystem that empowers the growth and success of AI technology start-ups. While InQubeta’s highly probable mass adoption and surge in growth are apparent, things may not be looking up for Fantom (FTM). Fantom’s 2023 price predictions show that the token might lose its prestige.

Let’s explore the 2023 crypto predictions that foresee InQubeta achieving prodigious growth while Fantom loses ground.

InQubeta (QUBE): The World’s First AI-funding Cryptocurrency

QUBE tokens are the deflationary ERC-20 coins that power the transactional and governance activities on the InQubeta platform. InQubeta is a new crypto project that aims to revolutionize the way AI start-ups raise funds by serving as the medium through which investors can get invested in AI start-ups. The InQubeta platform features an NFT marketplace that comprises popular NFTs. AI start-ups can raise funds and offer rewards to their investors in the form of NFTs.

InQubeta is thriving in its beta stage and selling each QUBE token for $0.007. Interested investors can use the millions of QUBE ERC-20 coins by securing at least 50 dollars worth of QUBE tokens. As the presale progresses, the QUBE coin’s price will increase.

To enable its users to make more profits, InQubeta investors can stake their QUBE tokens and earn rewards from the 2% and 5% buy-and-sell tax, which are transferred to a dedicated reward pool. The reward pool was designed for easy accessibility of the investors’ rewards and to distinguish the earned rewards from QUBE tokens already in the investors’ wallets. This further allows investors to grow their wallets, making QUBE one of the best cryptos to buy now. The growth of InQubeta’s presale might propel it upward to surpass the top cryptocurrencies on the crypto ladder.

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Fantom (FTM): Analysts’ Predictions are not in Its Favor

Fantom is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) platform that provides developers with some of the best DeFi services using its consensus algorithm, Lachesis. Fantom was created to become an alternative to Ethereum. Because of this, Fantom is openly available for users to develop decentralized applications (dApps), program their digital assets, and invest in popular NFTs

Although its use cases make it significant in the crypto market, Fantom’s biggest disadvantage is its competition with several top cryptocurrencies that exist as well-established entities within the crypto market. For example, Fantom is known to compare its network with Ethereum’s, but Ethereum has over $30 billion in TVL, while Fantom’s TVL is only worth about $490 million.

Based on professional crypto analysts’ predictions, a long-term FTM price increase might not be feasible as the token’s price prognosis for December 2023 is $0.60 (an unimpressive rise from its May 2023 price of $0.377061). FTM might be an unlikely investment option considering its frequent fluctuation in value.

Final Thoughts

From providing a few of the best DeFi services to supporting the creation of dApps, Fantom offers good reasons for investors to get involved in the network. However, Fantom has been experiencing a few unimpressive drawbacks detrimental to its leading position in the crypto market, which could make it lose ground.

On the other hand, InQubeta continues to garner investors worldwide through its ongoing successful presale, making a name for the project as one of the best cryptos to buy now. InQubeta is on the right track and has the potential to achieve prodigious growth before the end of 2023.

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