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Could Hybrid Exchanges Like This New Altcoin Revive DeFi and Ethereum?


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) originated from the Ethereum blockchain and enjoyed a meteoric rise between the summer of 2020 to the start of 2021. Despite being acknowledged as one of the biggest sectors in crypto and possessing the potential to replace traditional finance, there has been a drop-off in interest in DeFi.

The crypto bear market of 2021, liquidity issues, faulty tokenomics, and lack of security with some DeFi protocols contributed to the low interest in DeFi. There is now a new wave of DeFi protocols, like the hybrid exchange platform introduced by Tradecurve that fixes the liquidity, tokenomics, and security issues of DeFi. How can this kind of project revive interest in DeFi and Ethereum?

How this New Project Can Revive DeFi and Ethereum

DeFi may have become very popular for having the potential to change how traditional finance operates, but the sector isn’t without some notable flaws. Below are some of the flaws in DeFi identified by industry experts that have led to the decline in interest in the sector:

Low Liquidity

Liquidity is an important aspect of the success of every financial sector as it influences how easily an asset can be bought or sold. The higher the liquidity, the less likely the price of the asset can be manipulated while low liquidity leads to extremely high market volatility, with easily manipulated prices.

DeFi struggles with liquidity because the sector is relatively new and has projects, causing most users to avoid such projects. Tradecurve will be solving this issue by tapping into the forex market with daily trade volumes of over $7.5 trillion and the derivatives market with a notional value of $632 trillion. The massive liquidity that passes through these markets is more than enough to rejuvenate interest in DeFi and Ethereum.

Failure to Generate Sustainable Revenue

Another reason why the DeFi sector has slowed down is the inability of projects to generate sustainable income from a meaningful business model. Most DeFi protocols only attract users when they offer rewards. However, Tradecurve is creating a model which has already begun attracting users because it is the first exchange platform where users will be able to trade crypto, forex, CMDs, options, forex, and other global financial instruments from a single account. 

While the influx of users is already being seen in the Ethereum community, DeFi protocols can use this as a blueprint to create projects that don’t require rewards to attract users. This will allow DeFi projects to generate sustainable revenue, leading to the overall growth of the Ethereum blockchain.

Tokenomics or Ponzi Schemes

Multiple experts have highlighted the tokenomics of DeFi protocols as one problem that often leads to the failure of many projects on Ethereum. The tokenomics structure of most DeFi protocols is likened to Ponzi schemes. To solve this problem, Tradecurve launches with a tried-and-tested tokenomic structure. 

Tradcurve has a total supply of  1,800,000,000, 40% issued via public presale, 15% reserved for the team & founders, 14% for the reserve, 10% for listings, 10% for marketing, 9% to be burnt, and 2% for the legal and advisory team. Now in presale, you can buy the TCRV token for as low as $0.015 per token.

If you are interested in the Tradecurve (TCRV) presale check the links below for more information:


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