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Caged Beasts Coin: The Best Passive Income Option in Crypto


The world of crypto offers many pathways to riches, with the most prominent ones being active trading and staking. However, Caged Beasts Coin (BEASTS), a project in presale, has introduced a novel referral scheme that can upend the dynamics of the passive income space with its promise of high earnings. Read on to find out more about the project that has caught the eye of the market. 

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The Revolutionary Take on Passive Income

Caged Beasts Coin, the new meme coin currently in presale, has caught the fancy of the market within a short time. The project offers its holders an effortless and lucrative passive income stream with its novel referral scheme. The project’s unique referral program allows users to create referral codes when they link their wallets with the network. The referral codes can then be used to refer friends and family to the network. 

When someone makes a deposit using a referral code, the owner of that code receives a handsome 20% of the deposit in ETH, USDT, or BNB. Meanwhile, the new investor also gets a reward with a 20% bonus in $BEASTS. The rewards are credited instantly to the code owner, making it the most seamless experience in passive income options. 

The Best Passive Income Option

What sets Caged Beasts Coin apart is its high reward rate of 20%, making it the best passive income option available in the market. Compared to other options in staking, which has a typical yield of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s yield makes it an investor’s delight instantly. The earning potential with the referral program is also unlimited, with no caps on the number of times a person can refer to the network.

A Clear Vision for the Future 

It is not often that a meme coin project with a clear vision comes along. The Caged Beasts Coin did just that when it made its liquidity policy public. The project devotes 75% of tokens for the presale, and the rest will go towards marketing efforts. The liquidity policy’s clear breakdown ensures fair distribution and ensures enough liquidity for the project. 

The open liquidity policy not only underlines Caged Beasts Coin’s clear sense of direction but also its emphasis on transparency. With the liquidity policy, the project has acquired a layer of credibility that makes it stand apart from projects of disrepute.

The Final Word

In a market that is accustomed to seeing passive income returns of 6 to 9%, the Caged Beasts Coin’s offer of a 20% yield through its referral program is revolutionary. The project becomes even more of an investor’s favourite with its promise of instant reward deposits and unlimited earning potential. To add the cherry on top, the project’s transparent policies have given it credibility and gained the confidence of investors. The project’s solid credentials have given it a leg up in the presale market, with the project grabbing the attention of the investors. 

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