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Microsoft in partnership with Axelar to explore blockchain and AI

Microsoft is partnering with Axelar to offer new blockchain-based interoperability solutions and to make artificial intelligence (AI) more widespread, through the Azure marketplace.

Microsoft and Axelar: new blockchain interoperability solutions and AI exploration

Information technology giant, Microsoft, has chosen Axelar for its new partnership that will enable developers to access blockchain interoperability solutions and explore artificial intelligence (AI)

Basically, through the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft will offer Axelar’s new signature blockchain data integration and interoperability solutions. 

The main goal is precisely to advance blockchain adoption to Web3 enterprises and startups. Not only that, developers will also be able to explore ways in which blockchain can help make AI more mainstream.

Indeed, Axelar and Microsoft have agreed to explore the possibility of connecting private and public blockchains and leveraging Azure’s OpenAI services to create entirely new Web3 experiences.

Microsoft embraces blockchain technology

What the tech giant wants to do is to precisely provide options for developers and organizations that want to enable interoperability of multiple blockchain ecosystems with a single click

And indeed, with this partnership, Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers will have access to: 

  • A programmable and secure end-to-end blockchain interoperability solution;
  • Full-stack interoperability: services and developer tools that automate multichain implementations;
  • Axelar General Message Passing (GMP), which enables developers to seamlessly integrate functionality across multiple environments.

In this regard, Daniel An, director of business development for Microsoft Web3 & AI, said: 

“We are excited to collaborate with Axelar to accelerate blockchain integration and deliver valuable solutions to our customers. By leveraging our strengths and expertise, we can empower organizations to embrace blockchain technology and transform their operations.”

Support for Canton Network and concerns about AI

The present partnership embracing blockchain is not the first from Microsoft. Last May, for example, the tech giant along with other big firms such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, S&P Global and Moody’s joined together to support the launch of Canton Network

This is a blockchain network that aims to provide companies with a decentralized infrastructure that could make transactions more efficient. Basically, Canton Network wants to connect financial systems together, enabling them to operate in a synchronized manner. 

Canton Network defines itself as “networks of networks,” in that it wants to enable previously isolated systems in financial markets to interact in terms of governance, privacy, permissions and controls for all regulated industries. 

As such, while there seems to be no doubt about Microsoft’s support for blockchain, the same is not true when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). 

In this regard, Eric Horvitz, Microsoft’s chief science officer, had written an essay in early June on the potential and concerns about AI

The goal was not to take sides for or against the emerging technology, but to encourage users (and himself) to remain open to new ideas about how the exploitation of AI can only benefit and benefit humanity.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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