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Best Online Casino – Top Casino Sites Switzerland 2023


Switzerland boasts a combination of natural beauty and fascinating entertainment venues in a small space. The best example of this is the row of casinos that line an avenue. These casinos are mythical places where skilled gamblers hit the jackpot.

Today, the best online casinos in Switzerland can welcome a major player by offering a safe and responsible gaming experience. This article explains how to make that experience a truly enjoyable one.

List of the best online casinos in Switzerland

Swiss Online Casino Regulations

The Federal Council’s law, which has been in force since 2019, has changed the legal situation for online casinos in Switzerland. Thanks to this law, the guidelines are now clearer and stricter. As a result, players can play online games of chance in complete safety. In fact, the innovations of the Swiss Federal Casino Commission (ESBK) came into force on 1 July 2019. As a result, Swiss casino licences have been extended by the Federal Council for a further six years. In addition, only licensed casinos are allowed to operate their own online casino.

For an online casino to operate legally in the country, the operator must already own a physical casino in the country. This requirement by the Federal Council ensures financial transparency and prevents operators from operating abroad. If new online casinos (more information on are relatively rare in Switzerland in 2021, it’s because almost all the well-known gaming sites have already taken the plunge into the online world. We would like to emphasise that new gaming experiences in the digital casino world should be evaluated differently from the offerings of established operators.

On the other hand, all other operators on the electronic blacklist have been re-examined if they are subject to a warning. Those that are not subject to a warning are accessible. 

International online casinos with valid licences are also accessible to Swiss players without being blocked.

The importance of this regulation to Swiss players:

In many cases, the regulator not only acts as an intermediary between the player and the casino operator, but also takes on administrative tasks. Only in exceptional cases, of course. If the casino is financially exhausted, the authority will take care of the payments and all players will receive their money.

The regulators are always the right people to contact if you have any problems with the online casino. You can always contact customer service, but as soon as you feel that something is wrong, you should inform the relevant authorities.

The legal protection of players playing online in Switzerland is an important issue when playing in casinos. To ensure this, Switzerland’s top online casinos

take a wide range of measures. These include practical limits on playing time and stakes, as well as on the risk of refunds and losses. In addition, many online casinos offer players access to support groups and counsellors.

The best online casinos in Switzerland

Here is a list of the best online casinos in Switzerland. By choosing an online casino from the brands on this list, you can be sure that you’re choosing a casino that is legal in Switzerland or holds a valid licence from a reputable entity in Europe, such as Curacao or Malta.

  • 1Red – Best Online Casino Switzerland 
  • PlayFina – Top Online Casino for Slots
  • 21 Red – New online casino 
  • Skycrown – Best Mobile Casino
  • Dolly Casino – Best Sportsbook Casino
  • Unlimit Casino – Best Payment Options
  • Monkaji Casino – Best No Deposit Bonus
  • Unlimit Casino – Best New Casino Bonuses

How do I choose the best online casinos in Switzerland?

Coming up with a list of the best online casinos in Switzerland is not an easy task. In fact, the choice goes through several stages and is the result of a rigorous selection process.

With the aim of presenting you with the crème de la crème of online casinos, we have hand-picked a large list of online casinos available to Swiss players, highlighting their main strengths and weaknesses. Needless to say, we don’t leave out any casinos that are currently undergoing a legal review.

The expert method

Right from the start, we’ve set out the criteria you need to consider when choosing an online casino. We also don’t give much weight to personal preferences and judge casinos objectively. We test hundreds of casinos for Swiss players and filter them down to the best online casinos in Switzerland. 

Generally speaking, the strengths of an online casino should include security and a rich and varied game portfolio. Of course, the best casinos must hold a valid licence and be regularly inspected by a recognised regulatory authority. We have selected only those Swiss casinos where it is absolutely safe to play. That’s why your transactions are encrypted. If an online casino fails to meet this requirement, its licence will be revoked immediately. Our online casino review has shown that operators with a valid licence allow responsible casino gambling. Our online casino experience has also shown that all of the tested sites meet these requirements, and that your data is well protected with the latest encryption technology. It’s important to know that you can trust the company you are dealing with and that they have thoroughly checked up on you.

Based on these principles, players can rest assured that they are on a secure platform, where fraud is impossible, and can look forward to an exciting casino experience. With this in mind, we take a close look at the casinos’ game catalogues and verify the variety of games available.

At the best online casinos in Switzerland, players can count on a number of handy promotions to build up their bankroll. To save you time, we’ve already reviewed and compared all the bonuses and promotions available at the “Top Swiss Online Casinos”.

We highlight sites with a sufficient number of payment methods for depositing and withdrawing winnings. We’ll cover all the main topics concerning the Swiss gambling industry and do our best to clear up any doubts you may have, but we’ll summarise the information and focus on the most important elements.

In short, the Swiss online casinos we recommend have everything to satisfy even the most experienced players.

We hope you find this guide useful and that it will help you compare the Swiss casinos available. At the end of the day, each player’s preferences will come into play and you will be the master of your choice.

Evaluation Criteria for Swiss Online Casinos 

Here are the criteria you shouldn’t underestimate when choosing the best online casinos in Switzerland:

Valid licence

For any casino operator, a valid gaming licence is both the key and the gateway, but this is only issued by the relevant regulatory authority if all requirements are met. This includes checking player withdrawal rates, website encryption, data security and much more. This way you can be sure that your personal details will not be misused.

You should take a closer look at the data in the MGA Application Register. You can check there regularly to see which online casinos are untrustworthy and why their licence has been revoked.

Payment methods

Deposits and withdrawals at online casinos are handled by reputable payment service providers. In other words, they are partner companies of the online casino.

As a result, deposit and withdrawal methods may vary from casino to casino. The important thing is that they are fast, secure and don’t charge extra.

Some payment methods are available and convenient for players, while others are more traditional, such as credit cards. Nowadays, electronic payment services such as Paypal or Neteller are the most widely used in the casino world.

 It’s also an advantage if the platform supports bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 


From the outset, a better casino will offer good support to its users. A good support service for casino players means first and foremost being accessible via multiple channels (chat, email, phone) and languages spoken. It’s important that your staff speak French, Italian and German, and that they provide a quick response and a clear solution. Reputable online casinos with many years of experience have excellent, reliable customer service and anticipate any problems with a FAQ section.

You can search the FAQ section for the most frequently asked questions. A telephone service or call back is often offered. You can also write an email. In any case, live chat is very useful. You’ll be able to ask your questions and get answers much faster.

Bonuses and Promotions

A welcome bonus? It is always worth taking advantage of. In fact, the welcome bonus is a classic online casino promotion. The “new player” bonus gives you extra money on top of what you’ve already deposited.

In fact, the importance of this promotion can be seen from several angles. In most cases, you’ll receive between €100 and €1,000. 

Many casinos also offer free spins. Free spins can only be used on certain slot machines and are also subject to bonus conditions.

While these offers are common to all operators, the conditions for receiving them vary from casino to casino, so you need to be very careful. Also, remember that you can’t withdraw your winnings until you’ve met the wagering requirements.

Variety of games 

The quality and variety of games on offer is crucial to the overall casino experience. That’s why it’s important to find out exactly what types of games are available and who the software providers are. A good casino should offer a wide range of games to satisfy all types of players. This includes slot machines, table games such as poker and blackjack, and live casino games.

Software and game providers

It’s not enough to create a website for an online casino. The casino needs special software or a platform to power the website. The platform needs to be secure and stable under heavy load. That’s why it’s always best to choose a certified software provider that has been in the business for several years.

The software should be as flexible as possible so that different payment systems can be integrated as required. The best way to find out more about casino software is to take a look at the backend and its parameters and make sure they meet your expectations.

The Online Casino Experience 

Playing in an online casino is first and foremost a moment of entertainment that shouldn’t come as a nasty surprise. Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast and casinos are increasingly inviting themselves to our smartphones. To make the most of your gaming experience, explore the casino’s mobile app.

Visiting an online casino is an exciting way to spend your time. There’s a variety of casino games, slots, table games and live dealer games to choose from:

Live Games: The great thing about live casino games is that they make you feel like you’re in a land-based casino.

Video Slots: Slot machines are versatile and equipped with the latest animations. There is something for every player.

Table Games: Table games include casino classics like poker and roulette. The online casino offers countless ways to entertain and win.

As far as promotions go, there’s also a no deposit bonus. This is very popular with players and is only offered by a few online casinos. You get a little extra cash and sometimes free spins without having to deposit any money. However, registration is required. Again, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Once you’ve received the best casino bonus in Switzerland, you should also take a look at which games you can use these credits on. Typically, not all games are available for free bonus use, and live tournaments against other players are the most common.

You can often use bonuses and free spins on fixed slots and not only win big, but also try out new games and developers without any risk.

In addition to bonuses, the best online casinos in Switzerland offer a wide range of promotions and special offers. Some change their offers monthly, others seasonally. Cashback offers are very popular. But you also have the chance to win extra free spins.

A VIP programme rounds off the promotions and rewards loyal players. You’ll find nothing but benefits here. As well as a personal account manager, you can win various prizes and discounts. What’s more, your limits are significantly higher. Other operators offer you the chance to collect loyalty points, which you can then redeem for free spins or other winnings.

Advantages of an online casino in Switzerland

  • By creating an account at one of the top online casinos in Switzerland, you will gain access to a virtual casino that offers the same excitement as a physical casino in Geneva or Lausanne.
  • The best online casinos have SSL certificates for data encryption. This means you can play safely from a distance.
  •  All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone to walk through the doors of a virtual corner of entertainment, but one that offers a 100% immersive and interactive experience.
  • An online casino will offer you a welcome bonus to get you off to a good start and encourage you to try out different games.


Ultimately, the choice of a top Swiss online casino should be based on certain criteria that you need to check. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the casino you’ve chosen has a valid licence and the necessary security certificates. You also need to make sure that the site has a valid SSL certificate, which guarantees secure transactions. 

Another important element to check is the type of payment methods offered. A casino that works with PayPal, Skrill or Neteller deserves your attention.

Also make sure that your Swiss online casino is compatible with mobile devices, so that you can play wherever you are. Last but not least, you need to evaluate the bonus factor. You can click on the “Visit Site” button and open a new account. If you need more details before making a decision, contact customer support to get the information and test the reliability of this service at the same time.


Where can I find the best online casinos in Switzerland?

It’s ironic, but the best casinos are virtual, i.e. accessible via a website or mobile app. To sort them out, expert platforms regularly review gambling establishments and share their recommendations.

Is it possible to play through the mobile app and the official website at the same time?

Yes, this practice is very common among players. For convenience, it’s easier to log into your account from your smartphone and play your favourite slots.

Are Swiss-licensed online casinos really secure?

Swiss-licensed online casinos must adhere to strict security standards and regulations. This includes the encryption of personal and bank details, the use of secure payment methods and regular audits by independent control bodies. 

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