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New Crypto Forecast Super Bullish On Altcoins: 20x for ADA, 10x for XRP and Dogecoin

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Experts are largely in consensus – the altcoin bull market hasn’t even started yet. 

The Bitcoin price may already have formed a new all-time high. However, most altcoins are trading much lower than their respective all-time highs. 

Analysts believe that crypto investors are still early and could still witness considerable growth in their portfolios by investing in large-cap and mid-cap altcoins. New low-cap cryptocurrencies – while slightly riskier – may even offer up to 100x returns. 

However, investors are still faced with a major question – which cryptocurrency to buy?

Which Cryptocurrency To Buy For The Altcoin Bull Rally?

Experts have varying opinions regarding the start of the altcoin bull market. 

Crypto analyst Rekt Capital believes that altcoins will bottom in the summer and will start to explode in June and July. 

On the contrary, Benjamin Cowen of Into The Cryptoverse believes that altcoins will rally much later in the year.

He highlights that the Bitcoin Dominance will surge once the Federal Reserve starts to cut interest rates. The altcoin season will start once the Bitcoin Dominance peaks, which could take a few months. 

Either way, smart-money traders have started to fill their altcoin bags in preparation. They are also revealing their price targets for large-cap cryptocurrencies. 

For instance, Altcoin Daily, who has over 1.6 million followers on X, recently disclosed his personal price targets for various popular tokens. 

Notably, he expects Cardano ($ADA) to reach $9, which would mean over 20x returns from its current price of $0.44. 

Similarly, he expects XRP to reach $5 and Dogecoin to peak at $1.90, projecting that both tokens could offer over 10x from their current price.

However, these predictions may not be as far-fetched as they seem. 

Take for instance XRP. The token is currently trading at just $0.50, 85% below its previous all-time of $3.40. Considering that most altcoins outperform their last cycle’s peak valuation, a $5 XRP price prediction is not surprising.

Furthermore, the true potential of these altcoins can be analyzed by comparing them against Bitcoin. For instance, the all-time high of XRP/BTC trading pair is at $0.000142, 16x higher than its current value of 0.0000083. 

Could New Altcoins Outperform The Large-Caps?

New low-cap altcoins can potentially offer much higher returns than large-caps. The key for investors then becomes finding tokens that fit the right narrative. 

For instance, new meme coins have already turned several small-scale investors into millionaires. 

Even meme coin ICOs are in high demand, with new tokens such as Dogeverse raising over $15 million in their presale itself. 

Dogeverse is creating significant buzz due to its multi-chain feature – it is the first meme coin to launch on 6 different blockchain ecosystems. This means that the token will go live on the respective DEXs and CEXs of all blockchains, grabbing considerable attention. 

Experts such as Jacob Bury are bullish on Dogeverse’s price potential, signalling that the meme coin could offer up to 10x returns. 

Meanwhile, the GameFi sector is also tipped to be a money maker, especially with the blockchain gaming industry expected to grow with a CAGR of 21% over the next decade.

Mega Dice – the top GameFi project on Solana – is one cryptocurrency that experts are bullish on. 

With over 50,000 players and a monthly wagering volume of $50 million, Mega Dice already has an established community. Considering that Dice is offering significant benefits to investors and players, including lucrative staking rewards, the bullish outlook regarding the new GameFi token isn’t surprising. 

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