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Did You Miss The Recent THORChain (RUNE) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Pump? Don’t Miss Out On Rollblock (RBLK)


THORChain and NEAR Protocol experienced significant growth in Q1. Both projects surged to annual highs, though have since faced corrections in April. As their value continues to plummet, investors have their eyes on a new presale that is expected to offer huge returns.

Rollblock is an innovative Gamble-Fi project designed to disrupt the online casino market. Here’s why experts believe it could become a top altcoin in 2024. 

THORChain Faces Steep Correction After Q1 Gains

THORChain (RUNE) was one of the best-performing projects in Q1. Its value soared to annual highs of $10.62, up over 380% in one year. However, THORChain is now facing a steep correction.

THORChain’s price has crashed by 40.3% over the last month, with a 39% decrease in the last week alone. This decline has been influenced by a market pullback, though experts believe THORChain was also in an overbought zone. 

At the time of writing, THORChain was trading at $4.45, its lowest price since January 2024. This has caused THORChain’s trading volume to drop to $429 million. Nonetheless, with trading volume increasing by 25% over the last 24 hours, experts believe THORChain could still experience a strong performance after Bitcoin‘s halving. 

NEAR Protocol Surges Following Sweat Economy Collaboration

NEAR Protocol has seen a 16% price decline over the last 30 days. Much like THORChain, this decline has been influenced by negative market sentiments. This has caused NEAR Protocol to decrease from its March high of $7.9 to $5.47.

However, despite these decreases, experts remain bullish about NEAR Protocol. Over the last month, NEAR Protocol announced a recent collaboration with Sweat Economy. This is designed to speed up Web3 adoption and could drive up NEAR Protocol’s price in the future. 

According to bullish experts, NEAR Protocol could see a recovery to $8.8 in April, with some suggesting NEAR Protocol could hit $10 in Q2. 

Is Rollblock (RBLK) The Next Altcoin Moonshot? 

Rollblock is one of the most exciting new presales. Its innovative platform is designed to create a well-rounded gambling and gaming experience. Focused on security, networking, and DeFi features, the platform gives investors the chance to play over 100 unique games while enjoying the benefits of blockchain security. 

Rollblock has integrated the latest encryption and blockchain technology to keep investors safe as they play games. This technology also makes Rollblock extremely scalable. As a result, the platform can easily meet user demands no matter how quickly Rollblock scales. 

In addition to its blockchain integrations, Rollblock also introduces several new ways for users to build passive income streams. For example, Rollblock will share up to 30% of its revenue with $RBLK token holders. 

Rollblock will buy back huge amounts of $RBLK from the open market. Half of these tokens will be permanently burned, adding huge buy pressure to the chart creating a deflationary effect that increases the value of remaining tokens. Some analysts believe this will result in millions of dollars worth of RBLK being purchased and burned each month. 

Investors can currently purchase $RBLK for $0.01 during the first stage of the Rollblock presale, though tokens are expected to increase rapidly as the presale builds momentum. The price is expected to increase 880% in the presale alone and could increase a further 50x after listing in 2024. 

Can Rollblock Combine DeFi And Online Gambling?

As the global demand for online gambling options increases, Rollblock is the perfect solution. Its seamless interface and easy-to-access platform make it simple for players to enjoy games no matter where they’re located and with no KYC. Furthermore, investors who purchase $RBLK tokens will be able to enjoy several price increases over the next year, creating a highly profitable and fun experience.

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!



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