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Mega Dice Presale Hits $1 Million Mark – Best Solana Token To Buy Now?

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Amid the explosion in crypto prices after CPI, Solana’s top GameFi project Mega Dice has also hit a major milestone. 

Its native cryptocurrency DICE is creating quite a buzz and has now reached the $1 million milestone in its presale, having started less than one month ago on April 17.

The strong demand for the new crypto and the robust growth of the Mega Dice casino have led several experts to even call DICE a potential 100x cryptocurrency. 

Mega Dice Token – The Top GameFi On Solana

Finding the best crypto to invest in is often about finding the right narratives, especially during a bull market. GameFi is one such narrative that experts are bullish on, tipping it to be a money-maker in the coming months. 

Mega Dice has emerged as a standout performer in this domain, impressing investors with its growth trajectory. 

Thanks to initiatives such as a 200% bonus for new players, the Mega Dice crypto casino already boasts over 50,000 regular customers. The platform records over $50 million in monthly wagering volume, owing to the popularity of its 4000+ games, sports and esports. 

Mega Dice is now finally launching its own native cryptocurrency $DICE on Solana. The token will be at the heart of the Mega Dice ecosystem and is designed to reward token holders as well as casino players. 

However, one does not need to be a crypto gambling enthusiast to recognize the potential of the GameFi space and Mega Dice. It is not without reason that experts are bullish on Dice and are calling it the top GameFi token on Solana. 

Dice Token – Rewards and Benefits

The Mega Dice token is designed with the primary goal of rewarding investors and players. 

The project claims that token holders are partners in the casino’s success and will be rewarded as such. Investors won’t just benefit from a surge in the Mega Dice token price. Instead, they will receive daily rewards, depending upon the casino’s success. 

This move could be a game changer for the platform’s customer acquisition and retention. Crypto prices are often dependent on the broader market sentiment – it is extremely common for a project to record impressive growth while its token witnesses a price decline. 

However, Mega Dice token holders won’t be dependent on the whims of the market. 

Additionally, they are also eligible for exclusive benefits within the Mega Dice casino, early bird bonuses as well as limited edition NFTs. 

To further boost its customer acquisition, the company has also launched a “Refer and Earn” program. Existing players will receive a 10% fee of the wager amount spent by the person they referred. 

Casino players are also eligible for the $2.25 million Mega Dice airdrop. The airdrop will be conducted in 3 stages, each stage with a criteria of its own. 

Is Mega Dice The Best Crypto To Buy Now

As previously mentioned, an investor need not even visit a crypto gambling site to recognize the price potential of the GameFi sector and specifically the Mega Dice token. 

The blockchain gaming industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 21% and hit a valuation of $615 billion in 2030. Crypto casinos such as Mega Dice are set to be a part of this oncoming boom. 

Notably, Mega Dice being available on the Solana blockchain is another plus. Solana has been the standout blockchain ecosystem during this bull run. Digital assets company Franklin Templeton believes that Solana will be at the forefront of every new meta in the crypto industry, including GameFi. 

Smart money traders have been quick to observe Dice’s price potential. Popular YouTuber Michael Wrubel – who has over 312k subscribers – recently stated he is bullish on Mega Dice. 

Meanwhile, the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers signalled the possibility of Mega Dice being the next 100x crypto. 

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