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Ready For Altcoin Season? Experts Are Predicting a 100% Surge For These 3 Cryptos


Investors worldwide are looking to make huge gains this altcoin season. With Bitcoin recently hitting an all-time high, experts believe that altcoins could experience their largest surge to date. But which cryptocurrencies will perform best? According to analysts, Polygon, Solana, and Rollblock could be the market’s big winners. Here’s why. 

Ali Martinez Predicts Huge Polygon Surge

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez believes that Polygon could surge by over 17% by the end of Q2. According to Martinez, Polygon has been consolidating since early April. Currently trading at $0.74, a 17% surge could push Polygon towards $1, which would be a huge milestone for the altcoin. 

That said, according to further analysis, Polygon is experiencing issues with short term resistance. Should this resistance continue, Polygon could face additional bearish pressure, leading to potential downward momentum. 

Given that Polygon’s daily trading volume is down over the last 24 hours, bullish buying pressure is needed to push Polygon out of its current resistance level. 

Analysts Believe A Solana ETF Could Be Next 

With the U.S. SEC now reviewing Ethereum ETF proposals, the Solana community believes that Solana could be next. 

Over the last month Solana’s experienced steady growth after a bearish run, increasing in value by 13%. According to CNBC contributor Brain Kelly, Solana could be next in line to receive a spot SOL ETF. 

Bloomberg ETF analysts believe there’s now a 75% chance that Ethereum ETF applications will be approved, which has sparked a bullish sentiment throughout the Solana ecosystem. 

However, despite this new optimism, Solana’s price has decreased by 2.87% over the last 24 hours. 

Rollblock Could Dominate The Altcoin Market In Q3

Although not as established as Polygon and Solana, Rollblock has massive potential. This GambleFi protocol is one of the first DeFi casinos to offer lucrative features and one of the best passive income opportunities in the space. 

The Rollblock casino is already live and operational. It’s fully licensed and offers over 150 different casino games. These include table favorites, digital games, slots, and Rollblock also plans to add sports betting for the ultimate betting experience. Games are compatible with over 20 popular cryptocurrencies, making Rollblock easily accessible and best of all there is no KYC required for sign up. 

On top of its casino, Rollblock lets RBLK holders build a passive income with its revenue share plan. Rollblock will share up to 30% of its daily revenue with stakers. It will purchase RBLK tokens from the open market and use half of these tokens for weekly rewards. The remaining half will be burned, creating a deflationary effect that increases RBLK scarcity. 

Rollblock is in the second stage of its presale, which is selling out fast. Stage one sold out in under one week, and stage two is proving to be even more popular. Investors can get involved for just $0.012 and could see returns of over 100x by the end of the year. This makes Rollblock a high-potential project that investors can get involved in without needing a massive budget. 

Rollblock Could Enter Stage 3 By June

With nearly 50% of Rollblock’s second presale stage already sold out, experts believe that Rollblock could enter stage 3 of its presale before the start of June. This would result in another price increase to $0.014, which investors can capitalize on if they act fast. 

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