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Solana and KangaMoon Pump, How Will BNB Perform?


Solana (SOL) has pumped during the past week as VNX and Sygnum Bank made history by enabling customers for the very first time to deposit, withdraw , exchange and custody stablecoins referencing two major European currencies, VUX EUR and VNX CFH on top of the Solana blockchain. Alongside it, KangaMoon (KANG) has pumped 400% as it introduces an ecosystem with Play-to-Earn (P2E) elements and a community-driven approach. 

With these two cryptos performing so bullishly many are attempting to see if Binance Coin (BNB) can perform in a similar way especially as its ecosystem is also experiencing growth. Today, we will go over the price performance of all three to see which is the best crypto to buy.

Solana Crypto on the Rise Following Historic Partnership

Solana (SOL) witnessed a major increase as it spiked above the $180 price range, following one of the largest additions to its ecosystem. VNX and Sygnum Bank reached a monumental milestone, as through a groundbreaking collaboration, customers of a major European bank can deposit, withdraw, exchange and custody stablecoins referencing two major European currencies, including VNX EUR and VNX CFH

This will occur through the Solana blockchain, which can result in the increased demand of the Solana crypto as well, positioning it as the best cryptocurrency to buy. According to the Solana price metrics, its bullishness has not stopped, and at this rate it is closer than before towards breaking above the $200 price range. According to the Solana price prediction, it can end Q4 at $182.69.

KangaMoon (KANG) Introduces a Blend of P2E, Social-Fi and a Community-Driven Approach

KangaMoon (KANG) disrupts the meme coin space through forging a compelling trifecta of innovative Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics, strategic Social-Fi integration, and a community-driven approach. This blend transcends the fleeting hype often seen with meme coins, and establishes a robust ecosystem, with a native token that has actual utility. KANG offers a lot of value, as it’s used as the reward token for the Social-Fi elements, as well as for the in-game battles and tournaments that players can be a part of. 

Moreover, the KangaMoon blockchain ICO has become a major success, as it has attracted over 32,000 users and has exceeded $7 million in funding. Expert projections anticipate the figure to shatter the $7.5 range as well by the end of the month. 

So far, KANG has risen from $0.005 to $0.025, marking a 400% uptrend and placing it as the best crypto to buy. The KANG token is now on top of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and at this rate could soon see far more significant gains especially following its listing on the BitMart CEX. According to experts, it can climb 100x at launch, and its listings. 

Binance Coin Crypto Bullish – Can It Keep Up With KANG and SOL?

Binance Coin (BNB)’s technical indicators suggest a bullish outlook, especially following the recent announcement of the DAU Incentive Program by the BNB Chain team, which is a positive development. This program allocates up to $200,000 to projects building on the network, potentially increasing Binance Coin crypto usage and demand across various products and services. On the Binance Coin price chart, BNB has found support around $595. 

A confirmed breakout above $620 could signal further price appreciation in 2024. The on-chart metrics, such as RSI and MACD are bullish, and by the year’s end, according to the Binance Coin price prediction, it can reach $887.50.

Which Crypto Can Perform the Best?

Solana is bullish on the charts and based on its recent performance, is poised to reach new heights in 2024. Binance Coin also has the potential to grow, especially with the ever-evolving ecosystem, but despite this, KangaMoon has the most ROI potential, as it introduces an ecosystem that can become a major force in the GameFi space and position it as a leader, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy.

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