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Chiliz Investors Cash In and Flock to Raboo Presale, as Quant Continues Downward Trend


Is Chiliz coin a good investment? If you’ve been holding Chiliz over the past 12 months, you’d be up by approximately 100% on your investment. Not bad at all. However, the smart money in Chiliz sold last March, and reinvesting their profits into what analysts believe could be the next 100x meme coin presale opportunity in Raboo.

On the other hand, Quant has failed to recapture its December 2023 form, falling from a high of $146 to trading at around the $86 range at press time. Learn why CHZ and QNT investors are going all in on the Raboo meme coin presale in June 2024.

Raboo rallies by 60% as it blasts into stage 4 of meme coin presale launch

Nowhere is the saying “The early bird always gets the worm” more applicable than in the crypto world. We’ve all seen individuals who hit it big with small investments in meme coins that grew exponentially in recent months. Well, with the Raboo meme coin presale, now YOU have a chance to get in on a low-cap blue chip before the rest of the market does. The promising new AI crypto and SocialFi meme coin has raised upwards of $1.7 million as of press time, indicating the widespread interest Raboo has generated since launching its meme coin presale. 

Raboo combines meme coin explosiveness, AI sophistication, and SocialFi utility. With the platform’s AI meme generator Rabooscan, users will be able to monetize their memes by disseminating them through social media verticals. The post-to-earn incentive allows Raboo holders to participate in contests and challenges to earn more $RABT tokens. Besides staking and liquidity provision, Raboo’s deflationary tokenomics features regular token burns to reduce circulating supply and increase buying pressure on the $RABT token. 

Now well in Stage 4 of its highly-touted presale, Raboo is available at just $0.0048 per $RABT token, offering a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to get strapped into the moon mission long before the rest of the crypto world does. Analysts believe that Raboo could be the next 100x gem hiding in plain sight, making the meme coin presale a can’t-miss event for investors looking for parabolic gains. 

Is Chiliz coin a good investment in June 2024?

Fan token ecosystem Chiliz, the native token of the universe, has gone on a 81% run in the past 12 months. This has led investors to ask the question: “Is Chiliz coin a good investment”? While Chiliz does have significant room to grow as a relative mid-cap altcoin, its upside is limited compared to low-cap blue chips like Raboo.

Chiliz could be a good play for investors looking for a stable mid-cap altcoin with anywhere up to a 2x to a 3x ceiling from current prices. However, individuals looking for more substantial gains at a lower price point will do better with the Raboo meme coin presale. 

Quant faces some headwinds after 2023 record highs

Quant was one of the strongest performers as 2023 came to an end, with the interoperability-focused protocol recording a yearly high of $146 last December. It was a stone’s throw away from Quant’s all-time high of $427 set last September 2021.

Since then, however, Quant has cooled off significantly in 2024, facing some turbulent market headwinds as prices slip below crucial support and moving averages. Currently, Quant trades at $89, indicating a potential recovery on the horizon should prices stabilize at this level; however, the downward trend calls for caution.


Between Chiliz, Quant, and Raboo, the clear-cut choice for parabolic gains is Raboo. While Chiliz and Quant could still have plenty of juice left in them for another 2x to 3x, Raboo’s meme coin presale offers significantly greater upside for a 100x boom. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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