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ETF on Ethereum: Bloomberg’s forecast on the launch is anticipated to July 2nd

The Bloomberg analyst, Eric Balchunas, continues to update the general public on the highly anticipated launch of spot Ethereum ETFs in the USA, moving his prediction to July 2. 

ETF on Ethereum: Bloomberg’s forecast for their launch is now July 2nd

The latest update from Eric Balchunas, analyst at Bloomberg, states a new forecast for the launch of spot Ethereum ETFs in the USA for July 2.

This is an anticipation compared to what was previously stated, which was July 4th. 

UPDATE: we are moving our launch date for the Ether Spot ETF to July 2, having heard that the Staff sent comments on the S-1s to issuers today, and that they are quite light, nothing major, asking them to return within a week. There is a good chance they are working to declare it effective the following week and get it out of the way before the holidays. Anything is possible, but this is our best guess at the moment.

In practice, the new forecast date for the launch of spot ETFs on Ethereum, by Bloomberg’s analyst, is based on the comments from the staff of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Such comments are addressed to the issuers of the Ethereum spot ETFs, who are awaiting a response on their S-1s, for which it seems there is a good chance that the SEC will work on them for implementation as early as next week.

Ethereum spot ETF and Bloomberg forecasts: the new launch date is July 2

Just the day before the publication of this update, Balchunas di Bloomberg had shared something quite different. 

In fact, the issuers of spot Ethereum ETFs had not yet received a response, and for this reason, the analyst had postponed his previous forecast of July 4th.

The journalist from FOX Business, Eleanor Terrett, had also published the details on this topic. Basically, it seems that Gary Gensler, Chairman of the SEC, would have stated “during this summer” and Senator Bill Hagerty “by the end of this summer”.

It was May 23 when the SEC had approved the eight 19b-4 filings for the listing of spot ETFs on Ether in various US exchanges. Unfortunately, however, the real launch on the stock exchange can only occur when there are approvals for the S-1 registration statement.

Mark Cuban’s thoughts on the SEC Chairman

In the meantime, Mark Cuban, the pro-bitcoin and crypto billionaire investor, has publicly stated his thoughts on the SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler.

In practice, Cuban sees that Gensler’s actions are an obstacle for Joe Biden’s election to the presidency of the USA. 

This is because the President of the SEC continues to act against crypto, leaving that the young crypto holder voters will pass their vote to other candidates. 

On the contrary, in fact, there is Donald Trump who seems to use the crypto sector as an integral part of his election campaign, declaring himself in favor of its growth. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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