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Injective (INJ), Stacks (STX) and Rollblock (RBLK) Hot on Investors Lists For Upcoming Crypto Bull Run: Here’s Why


Amid the upcoming crypto market bull run, investors are using the current dip to accumulate top crypto coins before the bull market arrives. With a bull rally expected soon, analysts have studied the market to identify tokens that could trigger a massive surge. Among the top crypto coins on investors’ watch list are Rollblock, Injective and Stacks. Analysts believe the massive ecosystem development and adoption could push most of them to surge by 1000% in the coming weeks. The RBLK token is already making waves due to the ecosystem’s unique revenue-sharing model. 

Investors Anticipate a 1000% Surge in the Rollblock Price

Despite the competitive nature of the crypto market, Rollblock stands out among the rest. While investors pick Injective and Stacks among the best coins to invest in, Rollblock is set to outshine them. One of the unique features that attracts whales is the profit-sharing model, in which up to 30% of the weekly revenue is used to buy back tokens. Next, half is burned, with the other used as a staking reward. 

As the world’s first backed crypto casino and play-to-earn token, the RBLK token is used as the primary mechanism to distribute rewards and promotional offers. The platform allows for multicurrency staking. In essence, users can stake top crypto coins like Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the RBLK token is sold for $0.014. The team has raised over $750,000 with analysts projecting $1 million in the next week. 

For context, Rollblock is a new GambleFi platform that addresses problems affecting the crypto casino world. Using blockchain technology, Rollblock will ensure better transparency, security and efficiency. The platform was designed to accommodate a large audience without compromising user experience. Users can join seamlessly as no KYC is needed.

So far, the platform is fully functional and operational while adhering to legal policies to ensure players’ security and reach a global audience. The team has revealed plans to integrate automated solutions, such as AI betting tools, to enhance better betting strategies for users and boost profits. With its goal of opening the gambling industry projected to hit $744B in 2028, RBLK is one of the best crypto coins to invest in. 

Injective Trading Volume Soars Despite Market Downturn

Injective (INJ) is one of the top interoperably layer 1 blockchain that power different DeFi applications. Its strong utility has made it attractive to developers. In the past year, Injective price has made huge progress, setting a new ATH of $52.75 in March. 

Based on CoinMarketCap data, the Injective price gained 268% in the past year but declined by 4% in the past month as the bear market resurfaced. Meanwhile, the Injective trading volume and market cap are on the uptrend. Although the token has seen only 12 green days in the past month, crypto analyst CryptoPunja believes that the Injective price will hit $35 soon. This puts it on our list of the best crypto coins to invest in 2024. 

Stacks Price  to Reach $3 in the Coming Weeks

Stacks (STX) is an open-source crypto blockchain that allows smart contracts and decentralized applications to use Bitcoin as an asset and settle transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. STX is a utility token that works on the stack blockchain. It can be used as a mining reward aside from payment functions.

As per Stacks technical analysis, the price chart shows it is currently undergoing a corrective phase with the token dropping below the $2 support zone. While the Stacks price rallied by 210% in the past year, it plummeted 12% in the past 30 days based on Coinmarketcap stats. However, with the upcoming bull run, Stacks is one of the top crypto coins tipped for a rally. 

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